Android v6.5.3 & iOS v2.5.3

Alex Hidalgo
· 1 min read
App update

Hello everyone, and congratulations to all the graduates this year! This summer is already off to a great start and so is StormX with some new updates with you in mind.

This new update is definitely giving you more control and more accessibility.

  • we have increased app performance. It’s like fine tuning a race car.
  • you now have the ability to turn off video notifications and we have updated how video notifications are displayed.
  • improved how the crypto balance is displayed (instead of a dropdown it is a floating modal)

We’ve also tweaked a few of those annoying little bugs:

  • we fixed a crash that users were experiencing in countries with special characters
  • the “All Tasks” filter now displays tasks correctly
  • the app review popup bug is now rectified
  • fixed a UI glitch when adding new wallet addresses

Now. Show of hands, who’s ready for summer vacation?

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