Bright Future for StormX in 2020

Simon Yu
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Hello StormX Community!

I hope you’ve all been following our latest updates. We’ve made some amazing progress and hope you take a few minutes to read this blog.

StormX Highlights

A Recap of 2019

We’ve rewarded 246+ BTC, 859+ ETH, 1.238 Billion+ STORM to our users so far!

In today’s value that equates to over $4.9M in rewards. Why is this significant? Our rewards are small so we’ve had a massive number of transactions in our products and with the launch of StormShop, the amount of rewards that we can send to users increases tenfold.

Launch of StormShop

The StormShop Extension

In 2017, when we set out to conduct our crowdsale, we wanted to build three products that would allow users to earn easily through any device. We can now say that we have successfully launched the second of our three products, StormShop.

Product launch goals on our original white paper

Within just two months of launching StormShop, we were able to grow our user base by almost 80% Month over Month, and add over 400 stores including some of the biggest names like eBay, Microsoft, Groupon, GameStop, and Newegg. If you don’t see your favorite store, let us know and we will see what we can do.

Brands available on StormShop

Major Partnerships

Two additional partnerships were recently announced: Litecoin and MakerDao. These partnerships empower millions of users in their communities to earn crypto easier.

2019 The Year of Happy StormPlay Users

Early on, our product wasn’t up to snuff. We worked tirelessly to improve the experience and we now have an app we’re proud of. In 2018, we spent much of our resources and time on redesigning our entire application. We have decreased our average app load time from 43 seconds to 0.3 seconds along with major infrastructure upgrades. Our legacy app didn’t scale as we had 20 offers and it used to break down and rewards would oftentimes not be paid out properly (you can read more about our infrastructure upgrade here). We now have an app that scales thousands of offers and a marketplace of partners without crashing on a regular basis. As you can see from the rating for StormPlay on Google Play below, our users are enjoying the upgrade.

StormPlay Google Play Weekly Reviews

Exciting Updates in 2020

These days we’re all super busy so let me just get straight to the point. Here are some of the huge updates you should look out for StormX this year.

New Major Store Announcement on StormShop

We’re excited to announce here for the first time, Walmart, will be the next big store we’re adding on StormShop. Users will very soon be able to get crypto back from shopping at Walmart.

StormX Rewards Program

This is the feature we’re most excited to launch. As part of our upgrade, users who hold Storm tokens will receive extra crypto back and benefits within StormShop and StormPlay. The more Storm tokens you own and hold, the more your account will be upgraded to higher tiers, giving you more perks. This feature is only possible because we have our own token and we’re able to offer much higher crypto back than any of our competitors.

(Example: Earn 6% crypto back from eBay and an additional 6% crypto back for owning Storm tokens, and stake your entire balance to accrue more each month).

By stacking the rewards together, we can allow users to earn much higher cashback than any of our competitor platforms.

Smart Contract Update

A much-needed upgrade is coming. Technology has progressed rapidly, and we’ll continue to integrate the best parts. Although there is no external security threat, we will be upgrading our smart contract.

StormX is heading one step closer to decentralization with our blockchain upgrade and also adding in a staking feature allowing users to earn more.

  1. Staking Feature — allowing users who own Storm tokens to receive benefits is great but what if we can take it one step further? We’re currently working with partner platforms including exchanges and wallets to allow staking. Users can earn additional tokens when they meet certain criteria, essentially giving StormX users several layers of rewards.
  2. Removal of Token Edit Feature — we had a feature on our smart contract that allowed us to create and destroy tokens. Although we never had any intention of using this, this code was originally built in case of hacks or emergencies. We will be removing this feature so we’ll be one step closer to decentralization.
  3. Other performance updates.

Many thanks to Smart Contract specialist Binod for his help and to Quantstamp for helping us out with the audit.

StormShop Mobile Launch

The largest competitor in the crypto back scene has just a little over 30,000 downloads for their product. With our upcoming mobile launch, we will allow our 2.5M users who have downloaded StormPlay to immediately become StormShop users, making StormX the industry leader by a long shot.

StormShop will be launching on mobile soon. When I say soon, I mean real soon…

Major New Country Launch for StormShop: Korea

We have been focusing much of our time and resources to bring more than 150+ of the top brands to one country in particular. Excited? So are we! So much so that we are getting reach to launch this immediately. We signed up the top brands in Korea to start and the list will be added every week. Here is the initial set of brands we will launch on day one of the release.

· 호텔스컴바인 Hcombine 45.5%

· 아고다호텔 Agoda 4.9%

· 익스피디아 Expedia 700원 / 4.2%

· 호텔스닷컴 Hotelskr 4.2%

· 럭스보이 Luxboy 2.1%

· 요기보 Yogibo 7%

· 문정아중국어 No1Hsk 21%

· 더블린 Theblin 7%

· 에이티브 Ative 2.1%

· 플레이텍스몰 Mcorset 3.5%

· 비프리투어 Befreetour 3.5%

· 바로빌 Barobill 1,400원 / 10.5%

· 창성가구 Csgagu 7%

· 여행박사 Drtour 3.5%

· 올림PICK Olympick 8.4%

· 나혼자살림 Lifeme 7%

· 크리스마스월드 B2Bworld 7%

· 24S 4.9%

· SYMALL 3.5%

· 노블러스 Noblus 10.5%

· 크나이프 Kneipp 7%

· 텐엑스사이즈 10Xsize 8.4%

· 허니돌프 Honeydolf 28%

· H패션몰 Hfashion 2.1%

· 싱가포르 에어라인 Sgair 0.7%

· 콜렉션비 Brunt 7%

· 아시아요 Asiayo 4.9%

· 처브라이프 온라인 Chubblife 15.4%

· 홈플러스 더클럽 Homeplustc 1.4%

· NORDVPN 24,000원

· 어뮨 Umun 14%

· Lncc 4.9%

· 에버코코 Evercoco 4.9%

· 크루비 Crewbi 2.1%

· 공항유심센터 Airusim 3.5%

· 케이케이데이 Kkday 2.45%

· 장사랑닷컴 Jangsarang 8%

· 스텁허브 Stubhub 7%

· 파나티컬 Fanatical 8.4%

· 큐텐 재팬 Qoo10Jp 1.3%

· 루이자비아로마 Luisavr 7%

· 힐튼 호텔 Hilton 2.8%

· 노드그린 Nordgreen 14%

· 벤튼 Benton 4.9%

· 뉴트리몰 Newtreei 14%

· THE OUTNET Outnet 4.2%

· 클룩 Klook 3.5%

· 글로벌금융교육원 Globalfe 7%

· 렌탈드림 Rentald 2.8%

· udemy Udemy 10.5%

· 워터포미 Water4Me 10.5%

· 렌탈카스 Rentalcars 10%

· 경동상청 360Buy 70%

· 아이허브 Iherb 3.5%

· 드파운드 Depound 10.5%

· 조마샵 Jomashop 350원 / 3.5%

· OshKosh B’gosh (오시코시 비고시) Oshkosh 1.4%

· 레노버코리아 Lenovo 3.5%

· 비타민월드 Vitaminwd 5.6%

· CJ the market(CJ더마켓) Cjbrand 5%

· G마켓 Gmarket 0.6%

· 롯데홈쇼핑 Woori 1.2%

· NS홈쇼핑 Nsseshop 2%

· 이마트인터넷쇼핑몰 Emart 1%

· 익스피디아 Expedia 700원 / 4.2%

· 다이소몰 Daisomall 1.05%

· +100 stores

Expansion of StormShop to Asia and Europe

We will also be expanding StormShop to many other countries around the world. StormPlay’s strongest presence is primarily in Asia and Europe so be on the lookout for the launch of StormShop in your country!

Fundraising Round

Like most tech companies, we’re not profitable and we put our focus on rapid growth to be the top player in our space. So how does this look for StormX?

We’re currently in the middle of our equity raise and excited to announce that we have just secured our lead investor who will be joining StormX as a board member. This individual is a very well-known and successful entrepreneur in our industry who will help StormX reach the next level through his advice and connections.

Fiat Support for Storm Tokens

We are working with a partner to allow Storm tokens to be easily bought and sold using fiat, helping adoption for users of our platform.

Why is Circulating Supply Up?

This is probably the one question most people were asking about. We received many comments from our community about our circulating supply increasing. As part of our crowdsale, we stated that we reserved some of our tokens to be used for the company and for marketing to help expand StormX and its products.

Within just two months of launching StormShop, we were able to add over 400 stores and are getting ready for an international launch while some of our competitors have been trying to do the same for several years. On top of all of that, we’re adding mobile capabilities.

We’ve grown exponentially and made so many improvements thanks to our execution speed.

The largest competitor in the crypto-back scene has just a little over 30,000 downloads for their product. With the expansion of our mobile launch, we will allow our 2.5M users who have downloaded StormPlay to immediately become StormShop users, making StormX the industry leader by a long shot.

We’re just getting started

This is only the beginning for StormX. We’ve spent the last few years building our infrastructure, allowing us to scale and grow quickly. In 2020, we have a bright future ahead of us and our mission to allow over a billion users to earn easily through our products is one step closer.

Stay Tuned!

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