Changes to StormPlay/StormX & App Country Availability

Simon Yu
· 2 min read
Country availability

Hey Stormers,

As most of you probably know the StormX app is one of the earliest and widely used crypto applications since we launched. We’ve been allowing users to earn crypto through micro-tasks, watching videos, checking out new products, and participating in surveys.

Since its inception, we’ve had nearly 3 million downloads and rewarded millions of dollars in crypto (BTC, ETH, LTC, DAI & STMX) over the last six years to users in over 187 countries.

Recently with the launch of StormShop, we’ve created a great way for users to earn larger amounts of crypto by shopping online at their favorite store. We’ve seen significant growth and the average crypto earned per user is significantly higher than the previous product.

With that said, we’re sad to deliver some bad news, as we will be closing the StormX app to certain countries going forward.

For several countries, it has been difficult to find enough play task inventory that is offered in those regions. As it’s difficult to add tasks in these regions, we’ve relied on partner platforms for videos, surveys, and tasks.

The external partner platforms were often unreliable causing the reward system to break. Often times this would cause our users to have a negative experience with the app. At present, we don’t have a solution to provide a consistent experience in certain countries, which is why we’ve decided to suspend service until we can find a more robust solution.

Starting today new users in certain countries will no longer be able to download the StormX app and old users will no longer receive updates for the application.

We will close several other countries and will revisit adding them again once we have enough high-quality tasks and shops where we’re confident users in those countries will have a positive app experience.

This decision is a tough one as it limits some of our most loyal users that love and use the app on a daily basis, however, this will allow the StormX platform to grow by allowing our core team to focus on launching countries only after we have enough tasks and shops in certain regions.

Thank you as always,

Simon Yu,
CEO StormX

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