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Crypto Cashback - an easy way into crypto

Weronika Adkonis
· 1 min read
Crypto Cashback and easy way into crypto 1

Psst, want to know a secret?

Getting your head wrapped around crypto can be confusing. The research often seems like a never-ending hole of new terminology and concepts. With the further mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, you want to start somewhere, and sooner rather than later, right?

For those looking to learn the basics of crypto, it can be quite daunting. For most people, this generally results in digging through multiple Reddit forums, articles, and other sources which is overwhelming. Cryptocurrency, in general, is forever growing in popularity. However, the fear of navigating exchanges can often stop one from making their first move. After all, most people see this on the same level as trading stocks and shares.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to be Warren Buffet to get started; in fact, that’s where Crypto Cashback comes in! Take the sweat out of the process, and make your first steps into crypto as easy as shopping online. Much more effortless. Instead of taking the risk of a wrong investment with one’s savings, people can now start their crypto journey by earning Cashback on online purchases. Earning crypto while getting stuff you’d already be buying? Sweet, right? Compared, Fiat cashback would never stretch that far. With the rewards being available in six different cryptocurrencies, you don’t have to research which coin is most worth buying; distribute the Cashback as you see fit. Suddenly, crypto becomes pretty straightforward, and you can still learn as time goes on!

And with the upcoming release of our debit card, we’re looking for more ways of making crypto a fun and easy experience, allowing users to earn Crypto Cashback on anything as simple as their daily coffee!

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