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Anxious over the return to 'normal'? We've got some tips.

Weronika Adkonis
· 3 min read
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Hey Stormers! ⛈

After months of staying indoors, isolating, frantically washing our hands, and disinfecting anything that comes into our homes, the COVID-19 restrictions are starting to ease. We're all eager to have our lives back. Many will flock to nightclubs, festivals, and bars, excited to see their friends and family, finally being able to let loose again. As exciting as it is to have a bit of the pre-covid 'normality' returned to us, others will find themselves feeling extra anxious around this time.

With how the world has been handling the pandemic, many of us might be anxious whether this slow reopening will result in another shutdown or if going out, although allowed, is a reasonable thing to do. After all, nobody wants to catch the bug and isolate themselves while the whole world is living its life. And, after spending most of our time at home, whether alone or with family, the array of possibilities opening up can feel quite daunting; Everybody wants to go out, party, book tickets to hundreds of events at once, but what we're used to now is our lives being quiet.

Many media have reported that post-covid anxiety is a real thing that many will experience. Or, if the old normal is not for you, the grand reopening of the world can be your perfect excuse to start the life you always wanted! We suspect that at one point or another each one of us will feel overwhelmed or anxious about the whole situation. So for this reason, we have compiled a small list of things you can do to ease the return of what used to be normal.

  1. Pick up an outdoor activity 🤸‍♀️

Yes, we know the whole 'go for a run' spiel has been drilled into our heads over lockdown(s), but it's never a bad shout to get out of the house and feel what’s left of the summer breeze. Going for a run, roller skating, joining an outdoor gym class, or simply going for a walk can be a good step of reintroducing yourself to society. And, if you want to feel even better, you can get all the gear guilt-free with some sweet 4% Crypto Cashback when you shop at Nike!

2. Let your creative side shine 🎨

Just because everything is open again doesn't mean you now have to spend every waking hour of your day socializing, shopping, and going out. Like any transition, progress is gradual. We got used to being at home, spending time with ourselves, so having some quality time alone might ease the anxiety of everything reopening. That being said, nobody likes moping around the house with no purpose (I think we can all confirm that by now, we have watched every single Netflix series out there). Have you tried pottery? Or perhaps painting? Staying at home doesn't have to be dull and daunting if you're staying in to enjoy some 'me time'!

3. Get out of the country ✈️

After over a year of seeing the same four walls and empty streets of the same old town, we've grown somewhat tired of our surroundings. Although we cannot yet travel as freely as we could before, and we probably won't for a while, travel restrictions are starting to ease up. Changing your surroundings might do the trick when it comes to easing yourself back to 'normality. Also, if you're searching for your next getaway, if you book your next stay with Agoda, you can get up to 5% Crypto Cashback.

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