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Celebrate Father's Day with Crypto Cashback!

Weronika Adkonis
· 2 min read
Fathers Day Crypto Cashback gift ideas 2


On a search of a Father’s Day gift? Giving feels great, but getting something back feels pretty awesome too. Of course, getting your dad a gift never comes with the expectation of getting something in return, but with StormX you can reward yourself too! To make your life easier this month, we put together a list of thoughtful gift ideas that will make you the favorite child and get you some Crypto Cashback in return 💸

1. For the dad on the go 🏃‍♂️

Travel backpack from eBags - $140.

Make your father’s life easier by getting him a backpack that fits everything and anything, even a 3% Crypto Cashback!

Crypto Cashback:
Non-member - $4.20
Bronze Membership - $5.25
Silver Membership - $6.30

2. A little something to keep his cool 😎

A pair of RayBan's from Bloomingdale’s - $134

Dads aren’t known for getting themselves nice things; most of your father’s wardrobe probably came from his better half. So now it’s your turn, treat him to a pair of stylish shades with a 2% Crypto Cashback.

Crypto Cashback:
Non-member - $2.68
Bronze Membership - $3.35
Silver Membership - $4.02

3. For the coffee dependent ☕️

The morning coffee kit from Cafe Britt - $35

Can you not recall the last time your dad interacted with any member of the family before his morning coffee? Keep him fuelled with the morning coffee kit from Cafe Britt and receive 8% Crypto Cashback just for being a thoughtful child.

Crypto Cashback:
Non-member - $2.80
Bronze Membership - $3.50
Silver Membership - $4.20

4. Wallart 🖼

An abstract piece from CreativeGallery.com - from $83.95

If your father was the one to always hang your drawings up on the fridge, return the favor. A piece of abstract art with 10% Crypto Cashback would brighten up any home.

Crypto Cashback:
Non-member- $8.40
Bronze Membership - $10.49
Silver Membership - $12.60

5. For the gadget lovers ⌚️

HUAWEI Honor ES Smartwatch 1.64” from GeekBuying.com - $128.99

Still, struggling to find the perfect gift? Look no further. If your father is the type to constantly obsess over the newest tech and gadgets, getting him a solid smartwatch is a way to go. Oh, and you get 3.5% Crypto Cashback! Best.Gift.Ever.💃

Crypto Cashback:
Non-member - $4.50
Bronze Membership - $5.64
Silver Membership - $6.75

Whatever your budget (or your dad), we are sure you’ll find something they love. Besides, there are hundreds of more stores to choose from, so whatever ends up in your dad’s hands, there will be some crypto waiting for you too. 😉

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