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It's (almost) time to vote!

Weronika Adkonis
· 1 min read
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Hey Stormers! ⛈

For those who have missed our last token swap, we have some great news! As we discussed previously, the Token Swap 2.0 will go through a voting process which is to go live on the 7th of July 2021.

The voting on the upcoming token swap will kick off our much-anticipated move towards governance. You, the community, will vote on the details of HOW the token swap will execute, not IF it will execute. We have already stated that this will go ahead, now help us understand how you want us to orchestrate it.

To be fair, and to ensure that no bad actors or those looking to arbitrage STORM tokens can participate, we have deduced the fairest way of orchestrating the swap.

Members will be able to vote “Approve” or “Deny” on the following proposal.

Allow wallet address to be eligible to swap STORM for STMX if:

a) The wallet currently holds STORM tokens

b) The STORM tokens were in the wallet before the end of the last swap (11:59:59 PM UTC October 8, 2020)

The voting period will last for a week
. To be eligible to cast your vote, you must have a StormX account that is connected to an applicable wallet (such as Metamask, for example). You do not need to hold any STMX to be eligible.

Once voting is open on July 7th you can vote by visiting our website, signing into your account, and choosing to Approve or Deny the proposal.

Discussion for the upcoming proposal will happen in our #governance channel on Discord, so join us and have your voice be heard! As always, do not forget to check your emails and keep an eye out on our social profiles such as Twitter for further information and any relevant announcements!

In the future, we will have many more product decisions and general proposals for the community to help us decide on.

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