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Go back to school with Crypto Cashback!

Weronika Adkonis
· 3 min read
Go back to school with Crypto Cashback

Hey Stormers! ⛈

The summer season is slowly drawing to an end, and that only means one thing - the new academic year is upon us. You might have a kid returning to school, or maybe it’s you who are going back to college or university. This time of the year is always an exciting period, where we can start fresh, go back and be keen to learn. And what better way to start the new semester than with new stationery, books, and all the other gear needed to make this year a successful one. So to help you shop and earn some crypto while you’re at it, we have compiled a list of stores that might be worth looking at while you do your back-to-school shop this year.

  • The one purchase you can’t avoid 📚

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a bookworm or not; textbooks and extra reading material are a must-have when it comes to going back to school. It’s also one of those purchases which can rack up quite the bill, so shopping with crypto cashback might be one of the best ways to soften the blow to your bank account. Shop at Alibris Books or Abe Books and receive up to 5% (yes, and as a quick FYI - both offers are available in all regions).

  • Heads, shoulders, knees, and TOES 👟

School shoes are a big deal, especially for the little ones. The days of lounging around in sweats are over, and having appropriate comfy footwear is a must. Shop at Dr. Scholl’s Shoes and earn up to 3% Crypto Cashback.

  • Keep the mind and body active 🤸‍♀️

Taking an extra-curricular class? Maybe planning on going to the gym just to keep yourself sane during an exam season? Shop at New Balance or Nike stores and earn up to 4% of it back in crypto.

  • Let’s face it, new stationery is what it’s all really about 🖇 ✂️

Arguably, there is no better feeling than a pencil case full of new pens, erasers, and sticky pads. The good news is, stationary can get even more exciting with 7% Crypto Cashback when you shop at Bulk Office Supply! It’s a practical purchase, yet it’s always the one that makes us the most excited.

  • Say hello to your new laptop 💻

Nothing feels better than having a good excuse to buy a new laptop. Still stuck learning online? There you go, that’s one way you can justify a shiny new desktop. After all, you can’t let yourself be the only one in class with a grainy camera and a water damaged microphone. Writing even the peskiest of essays goes quicker on a new laptop. And not only can you get yourself a shiny new device, but you can also earn some crypto while you’re at it! A whopping 4% to be exact. That is, when you shop at Samsung through your trusty StormX app!

  • Learn an extra skill 👩‍🏫

Are the school days long gone for you now? Or perhaps you chose the wrong course of study? No worries, school never really ends, and it’s never too late to pick up a new skill or a hobby. Thankfully, now you can learn something new and receive up to 15% cashback when you shop at Udemy. Learning and crypto? This must be the sweetest deal to date.

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*As always, T&Cs apply 😉

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