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Happy B-day Google, like the internet, crypto is inevitable!

Weronika Adkonis
· 1 min read
Okay 18

Happy Monday, Stormers! ⛈

Apart from today being the world’s least favorite day of the week, today also marks Google’s 23rd birthday! Yup, we’ve been able to search, research and browse the web for over two decades now! 🖥

Unless you’re one of those Bing or Yahoo users (in which case we’re seriously concerned for your wellbeing), Google might have been your pal for a better part of your life now, and you probably barely take notice of the great invention you use daily. In twenty-three years we’ve gone from Google’s inception in a college dorm room to billions of daily searches in more than 150 languages. Amazing, right?

Thanks to Google, we can access information freely; We can learn more about topics such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies; We can shop online at the speed of light, and we can earn Crypto Cashback with the StormX Chrome extension.

Google’s 23rd birthday should not only remind us of how two decades have drastically changed life as we’ve known it but also of how quickly adaptable scalable ideas are. Look at Bitcoin for example - from being the digital currency of the dark web to now being recognised as a legal tender in El Salvador and owned by millions across the globe. Who knows what life will look like two decades from now? One thing is almost certain - the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies is just around the corner, and we’re here for it! Afterall, you probably Googled something today, why not StormX something tomorrow... 😉

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