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How to use the StormX (STMX) token to the fullest

Martijn Haspels
· 2 min read
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Did you discover the StormX app through a friend or online?

StormX app homescreen

StormX is the easiest way to earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dai, Yearn Finance, or StormX Token by shopping from stores like eBay, Nike, NewEgg, WalMart, and hundreds of stores.

Users can earn up to 25% cashback, but did you know as a StormX (STMX) token holder, you can earn up to 87.5% back?

Membership tiers

StormX Membership Tiers

StormX app users can earn a ridiculous amount of cashback from all the top stores by signing up for the rewards program.

Let's say that StormX users can earn 2% crypto cashback from Adidas at the moment. The user becomes a Diamond member by putting in 6.2M StormX tokens into the membership wallet and holding them for 12 hours. As a Diamond member, the user can now earn up to 7% due to the 250% crypto cashback reward increase benefit, essentially receiving a total cashback amount of $7, which is $5 more on top of the normal $2 cashback reward if the user purchased a $100 item.

As a StormX holder, you can further increase your rewards through staking.

Step 1) Go to the staking website

Step 2) Connect your Web3 Wallet (Trust, Metamask, Wallet Connect) to the rewards

Step 3) Stake the number of tokens you wish to stake.
Staking requires ETH as part of the Ethereum network transaction fees.

*Rewards are sent every Sunday PST.
Users can unstake at any time, but weekly rewards will be forfeited once unstaked for the week.

Staking interface StormX

Referring another user to the StormX app

Now that your account is all set up and you are staking your $STMX, you should share this with your friends. We wouldn’t be StormX if you couldn’t earn crypto for bringing in your friends!
You AND your friend can earn up to $1,000.00! Correct, $1,000.00!

Reward Screen StormX app

I hear you asking, “how do I do that?” It’s straightforward! Let’s walk through the steps:

First, go to the StormX app, you will see a red bar at the bottom right corner of the app that says “Earn up to $1,000”. If you click on it, you will be navigated to your referral page.

On the referral page, you will see a button that says “Share Referral Link” if you click this button, you can copy your unique referral link! Share this link with your friends, and when they click your link, they will be navigated to the app (iOS or Google Play).

Once they download it, you will see that you have 1 “Started” referral on the app's Referral page. This means that one of your friends has used your link to sign up but is not yet eligible for the referral reward. If you both want to earn a referral reward, your friend needs to become a Gold, Platinum, or Diamond, reward user.

Gold reward membership: $40.00 for you and $40.00 for your friend
Platinum reward
membership: $450.00 for you and $450.00 for your friend
Diamond reward
membership: $1,000.00 for you and $1,000.00 for your friend

Referral rewards

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