Introducing: The Official StormX Discord

Matthew Chuen
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Aloha Stormers,

It's been a strong start to the year, with a lot going on here at StormX HQ. But we are now nearing the end of Q1 (wait, where has the time gone?). The team has been hard-at-work planning, building, optimising and ultimately... delivering! So, as promised in our roadmap, we have a new release to announce.

Although not directly related to our product, we wanted to start the transition to using Discord, instead of Telegram. Why? Well, there are lot's of reasons that benefit both us and all of you (yes, even you in the back!).

Reduce issues with scammers!
Due to the way Discord displays roles, and usernames you can always ensure you're speaking to a real StormX representative.

It allows us to engage the community in a whole new way!
We have plans to open up ambassador programs and allow you all to make your mark on the community

Allows us to reward community members for being awesome
"Reward me how?" We hear you ask... Through STMX of course!

We understand some of you will be more accustomed to Telegram, however, we're certain you'll like all the features and possibilities that we can bring the community via Discord. Unlike Telegram, where it's like one giant WhatsApp group chat, Discord allows us to break the conversation up into different channels. Think of these as rooms, where you can speak about different aspects of StormX (or life in general!).

To get you started, here's a summary of the channels available to users (once they accept our server T&Cs).

👋Welcome and rules: When you go to the discord, you will need to read the rules and accept them by hitting the 👍 emoji. This is your gateway to the rest of the server!

📢Announcements: We'll be sharing all our BIG announcements here.

📜Resources: Official links to our channels will remain here.

💌Twitter: Tired of missing tweets? Well, with our Twitter feed you won't have to stop talking about our amazing cashback to check them!

💬General: Behold! One channel to rule them all. Our main room for conversing, discussing and most importantly rewarding.

🔀Off-topic: Does exactly what it says on the label. Within reason!

🛒Shopping: Want to flex your #cashbacksupercharged? Well, where better than in our shopping channel.

🥩Staking: Want to talk about Staking? Something tells me this is where you'll want to be.

👾Play: Smashing those play tasks? Welcome home.

🛒Shopping Mall: All the channels under the shopping mall are category-specific channels. We'll be sharing awesome Crypto Cashback deals we discover in there, and you can too!

Additional Features

Oh, wait we mentioned rewarding you earlier didn't we? We should probably expand on that, right?

Those of you who are already keen members of our Telegram channel will have heard us mention this already. Tipbot will give you the opportunity to tip other community members or be tipped! The team have loaded their wallets and are just waiting to tip you all for being awesome.

The Ticketbot is there for you when you have an issue! Be sure to know that this isn't a substitute for our Customer Care service, only an addition! If you have had a persistent issue, we would recommend you open a ticket via the app or website first.

Well, now you've got a feel for what to expect, I guess there's really only one more thing left for you to do... Join us on Discord.

See you there!

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