It’s Here: The Storm Play Referral Bonus Blitz

Alex Hidalgo
· 2 min read

For a limited time, Storm is increasing the Storm Referral Bonus for new users from 6,000 Bolts to 125,000 Bolts.

Hi, Storm Community:

It’s Storm Referral Bonus BLITZ time!!! As Head of Growth for Storm, I’m constantly looking for creative ways to help Storm’s network effect grow. I also know that word of mouth referrals from family and friends is one of the best ways any product can grow.

The Storm Referral Bonus Blitz Promotion is here.

The Storm team is excited to announce that, for a limited time, we are increasing the referral bonus for new users (Storm Play, Android ONLY) from 6,000 Bolts to 125,000 Bolts. Yes! That is over 20X the regular Bolt reward amount! Below, we have provided a refresher on how the Storm Referral Program works, along with some answers to questions we think you might have.

How does the Storm Referral Bonus program work?

  • Find your Storm Referral Bonus referral code within the app via the ‘Invite Friends’ link. (Reminder: Storm Play, Android ONLY)
  • Recommend the Storm Play app to all of your friends! You can also post or tweet to all of your networks — remember to ask them to use your code, so you can get the Storm Referral Bonus. If they do not use your code, you cannot get the Storm Referral Bonus. (Reminder: Storm Play, Android ONLY)
  • If someone signs up using your code and earns at least 24,000 Bolts by completing tasks, you both will receive 125,000 Bolts (for a limited time during this promotion). So make sure your referrals complete tasks! (Reminder: Storm Play, Android ONLY)

What about affiliate status?

  • As long as the Storm Referral Bonus promotion is running, you will receive 125,000 bolts for each referral, even if you pass 20 referrals for the month.
  • Other elements of the affiliate program stay the same (i.e. 20 referrals will get you affiliate status for the next month) — when the Storm Referral Bonus promotion ends, all amounts will revert back to normal.

How long will the blitz last?

  • The promotion could end at any time, so we encourage you to start referring right away!
  • When the Storm Referral Bonus period is over, the Storm Play app will automatically be updated to remove the referral. We will send an app notification when the promo is over and the referral page will again reflect the old 6,000 bolt amount.


** This Storm Referral Bonus is for the Android app (Storm Play) only. If you need to download it again, you can do so through this link.

** If you’re a Storm iOS Beta user, we can not wait to bring you similar promotions in the near future! If you haven’t yet signed up for our iOS beta app, you can do so through this link.

** As a reminder, any violations to our Terms of Use may result in getting your account banned and status revoked.

Happy blitz referring!

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