New year, new updates

Alex Hidalgo
· 3 min read

Happy New Year! We are excited to begin 2019 with an app update to give you even more ways to earn.

Let’s get the big news out of the way: The Referral program is back! Now you can help us grow the community and earn Bolts in the process.

We’ve implemented the first version of this feature. When you invite a friend, they will get 6,000 Bolts. When your referred friend earns 24,000 Bolts, you (the sender) will earn 24,000 Bolts, too.

Important note: only Bolts earned through tasks, videos, or surveys, count towards the 24K Bolt requirement for new users. So, share your best tips and hints for how to earn on the app so they reach that mark quick.

You can find the Referral program on the profile page.

If you had an account on the old app, you may notice the new codes have a couple more letters. No worries, though: we made sure you can still use your old invite code as well. Phew!

For more information on the referral program, you can find it through this link.

We are not done with Referral program development, though. Version 2 is already on its way. Our old users may remember the affiliate program. This gave users even larger rewards the more users they invited. We’re making a few tweaks to the idea, but I’ll save those details for when the feature comes out.

Wait, you didn’t think that would be it, did you? You may have rested during the holidays, but here at Storm the party never stops. We’ve made a few more improvements as well.

As we added more and more tasks, we were getting tired of swiping to scroll all the way up. You will see a convenient arrow appear as you scroll down. Tap that arrow and ZIP! Back to the top. Convenient!

We heard some of you are still having issues with video ads. This was mostly happening to users on older devices or in areas with low connectivity as the app needs to download some files in preparation. To help everyone make sure they have videos ready to play when they first open the app there will be a 30-second delay before you can watch your first video.

The new version also has a few more small performance improvements and bug fixes. The relevant ones to mention are:

  1. We had a bug that caused the wrong number of Bolts to be displayed in the “Task completed” message. This bug is no more.
  2. Some buttons were really difficult to tap. We’ve made their tappable area a little bigger to make them easier to press.

What’s next?

There’re many more interesting features coming on the horizon. It’s a big list, and some are still very early in development, but here are a few I feel safe sharing: I’m really looking forward to bringing out the 2nd version of the referral program I mentioned above. A new leaderboard is also in the works, which will come with the ability to set a public username. We are also going to make several improvements to the UI and provide you more detailed information in your wallet history records. I can’t promise all of these will come out at the same time in the next update, but they are definitely coming. And, of course, we are constantly adding new tasks, offers, and surveys for our users to earn.

I know many are eagerly waiting for an iOS version. I expect to have some exciting news to share in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Well, that’s it for this update from me. Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback. We are always eager to learn how to make the app better.

Have a great day and keep on earning!

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