Now available: new Storm Play App

Alex Hidalgo
· 3 min read

It’s here! I am thrilled to announce that our updated Storm Play app is now available within the Google Play store. Since joining Storm this summer, this has been our primary focus and its truly rewarding to see the fruits of our labor out in the wild. You can find it here on the Google Play Store.

For those of you that are new to Storm, please give it a spin and give us your feedback. Our users have been extremely valuable in shaping this and future builds. For existing Storm Players, be sure and finish any open task you have before downloading the new app but rest assured, all balances for previously earned Storm Bolts will be ported.

As you know, we are committed to delivering on the promise of enabling our users to earn anywhere, anytime on any device. While we have had some delays on our full iOS launch as we discuss business models with Apple, we are accelerating our efforts on a web-based version to complement our new and improved Android app.

The new and improved Storm Play app for Android has a number of enhancements, including:

  • Easier to earn — our updated design will make finding new tasks and completing open tasks simpler
  • Improved security — we will begin using phone number and two factor authentication for login credentials.
  • More ways to earn — our improved platform will make adding new offers easier — which will give you more tasks to complete. Previously it would take several weeks to onboard a new offer from a client and this has been significantly reduced to several hours. This will allow our team to add offers faster to the global user base.
  • No hassle migration — your current balance will transfer with you.
  • Faster Speed — The average load time was previously 43 seconds and it has now been reduced to 300 milli-seconds (<1 second!).
  • New Features added regularly — with the redesign of our backend infrastructure we will now be able to add new features every two weeks instead of have it take months.
  • User Experience — The new update is built by a team of Product Managers and UX designer where in the previous version of the app we did not have such resources. The new Storm app is built based on user research and feedback based on where users were clicking and having issues finding certain items.

Over the following weeks you will see a larger and more diverse set of offers start to appear on the app, as we integrate more and more advertising partners into this new platform. This will include even more earning opportunities for our worldwide audience.

We will also bring a new and improved referral system back into the app in subsequent releases to provide our users with an easy way to earn and grow the community simultaneously. A larger community allows us to bring even more advertising partners, which in turn allows everyone to gain more. It’s a win-win for everyone.

As you may have noticed, the app now includes surveys as another way to earn. We are excited to test new avenues for partners that can provide value in exchange for our users’ knowledge, opinions and ideas. We will continue to improve this feature with an addition of back buttons and the ability to edit responses before submitting a completed survey.

Another area of expansion we are exploring, is enabling targeted shopping opportunities for our users. The finer details are still being worked out, but this will allow our users to be rewarded for everything they do on a daily basis.

In short, the remainder of the year will see the foundations of even more interesting features get laid, which will turn into a suite of very exciting features and earning mechanisms beyond ads and surveys. I am excited to see it come to life and hope you join me on this journey.

Don’t forget to download Storm Play at the Google Play Store!

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