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Our proposed governance token vote has passed!

Alex Hidalgo
· 1 min read
Governance Vote Passed

The community has spoken!

At the end of last month, we launched our second proposed vote, via our governance dashboard. You, our most engaged community members have voted accordingly, and we're proud to announce that with a 95.63% approval rating - the vote has now passed.

We're aware that governance, although a basic everyday concept in the "real word", may seem strange when attached to an app that allows you to earn crypto online right? That's why we held an AMA to answer some of your questions, and highlight the reasons why this is a great opportunity for the community. Thanks again to all that joined, and to those that then proceeded to cast their informed votes afterwards. We have now seen an increase in voters since our first proposal, which is amazing. As time goes on, we hope to see more and more of you voting on the proposals we bring forward.

Ok, What do we do now?

StormX is already underway with a proof of concept. We wanted to ensure we could technically achieve this before proposing governance. Due to the nature of a governance token, we'll be ensuring that we have a full audit from Quanstamp, to ensure a safe, secure and most importantly - utility rich token. Once we are ready, we shall begin to publish and distribute the token, to ensure governance voters and real power users who deserve this token, receive it.

So when will this be?

Thankfully, due to the functionality of governance tokens, we should be able to have this ready to distribute in about a month.

For those who want to discuss this further, why not join Discord to where we have a dedicated #governance channel. P.S. We'll also be hosting an informal governance video chat there sometime very soon.

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