Q3 Storm Update

Simon Yu
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To our StormX Community:

Since the end of our crowdsale, StormX has been growing rapidly with new members, partners, products on Storm Play, and over 2.3M downloads, allowing us to quickly have one of the largest blockchain user bases in the world. StormX was extremely busy during Q3 as we accelerated the offers within our platform from well know brands, including Airbnb, Uber, Instacart, and NexonM to name a few. We also have added top talent to our executive team to help us execute and delight our users (see recent coverage of hiring of Mark, Anurag and Ian.)


Statistics on Storm Play in Q3 2018

Offers On Boarded

We have added 346 offers from Brands, Products, or Services in Q3.

Micro Tasks Completed

Over 11.1 Million Video Tasks were completed and 132,339 Offer Tasks were completed in Q3.

Rewards To Date (as of September 30, 2018)

228.3 BTC, 556.3 ETH, and 234 Million+ STORM have been rewarded out to users.

More Offers

In an effort to give our users even more ways to earn, we signed a new partner last month to fuel our ’More Offers’ tab — which gives us access to hundreds of more offers to complement our own direct deals.

Storm versus other Dapps

There shouldn’t be a question now on how much of an impact blockchain technology will change the world. However, as the technology is still in its infancy many companies are only now starting to come out of proof of concept.

Critics are quick to blame the lack of usefulness in the blockchain space but we like to take pride in ourselves to have built a product that is used every day by users across 180+ countries. Storm has built a useful product utilizing blockchain technology to send rewards out to a global audience efficiently and have surpassed volumes much higher than any of the companies seen below.

Why isn’t Storm on DappRadar?

Our goal is to one day get to decentralization but until the protocols are more scalable this isn’t an option for the current state of where blockchain is.

As Ethereum only processes 15–20 transactions per second, we would congest the Ethereum network and cause it to crash faster than Crypto Kitties did. We recognized this early on and our tenure of being in the blockchain space for over four years is helping us succeed in balancing out the gaps between the blockchain technology and where we’re headed.

This is the reason we built our in app ledger Bolts and aggregated our rewards to once a week and then further batch transactions into multiple groups to keep gas costs low. Through a hybrid solution of both on chain and off chain methods we are able to process over a million transactions a month without any issues.

Blockchain is still in its early days

We don’t want users to only be paid once a week as that isn’t a positive user experience. We want users to be paid in real time and believe this temporary solution will go away as better scaling solutions on protocols continue to be developed.

Blockchain technology is right now where AOL was for the internet. By that I mean when we had to disconnect our phone lines to get online and 56k internet speeds were slow and expensive. Ultimately DSL and Cable disrupted dial up and similarly for blockchain we are waiting for the equivalent of DSL to disrupt and make it more accessible.

Every week we continue to evaluate our options for protocols based on accessibility, usability, and speed.

Loyalty Program — FREE STORM!

Did you know by being a Storm Player you’re eligible to receive FREE Storm from our Loyalty Program? We have over 900M Storm tokens allocated for the next 18 months to be rewarded to loyal Storm Play users.

If you haven’t signed up yet please use the links below to sign up to be eligible to receive your loyalty bonus.



Team Update

In addition to Mark, Ian, and Anurag joining the Storm leadership team we have had significant progress in expanding our team globally to help us scale faster.

As we continue to build the ultimate earning opportunity for users across 180+ countries it is important for us to adopt to cultures and localization to help us improve our every day experience for users across the globe.

The Storm team is a global work place with members in Seattle, South Korea, Cayman Islands, Philippines, Canada, Brazil, Croatia, and the Netherlands.

I would like to take this opportunity to announce the promotion of Tara Nygaard, our Chief of Staff to Chief Operating Officer (COO). Having joined us in July 2018, Tara has been able to lead our internal product team and development team, over the past several months. Her ability to lead, pick up new technology and execute on multiple fronts from adtech, to blockchain, to mobile apps has been extremely impressive, and has greatly contributed to our success so far. Tara comes from a background of operating several companies and brings forth a vast knowledge of blockchain technology.

With that, Arry Yu will be moving on from her role as COO. During our STORM Token crowdsale, Arry’s expertise in operations enabled us to successfully complete the crowdsale and months afterward in a way that kept our company, team, website, and critical data and technology assets secure — and for this we are extremely grateful. We wish her all the best with her future endeavors.

With Tara’s new role, we are excited to continue growing StormX into one of the most respected blockchain companies in the world. Tara’s ability to lead for our platforms will be a driving force in achieving our ambitious goal of building a new economy allowing users to earn anywhere, anytime, from any device. Please join me in congratulating Tara. Let’s build the future of work, together.

Heading into Q4: Product

Product is the main focus of Q4. The Storm Play product we had built until now was an app that was built through bootstrapping and limited resources. We spent 2018 rebuilding our back end infrastructure with better architecture, user experience focused from a seasoned product team, and are excited to have built a new platform that will allow new features to be added on easily going forward.

As our product continues to evolve we will continue to add partners to make Storm more accessible across the world to enhance the freelance work force and allow the ability to hire and work from anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

The new app update will be live very soon and continue to have features added regularly. Be sure to sign up to receive alerts on our release date on both iOS and Android.

Thank you for being a proud supporter of Storm!

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