Q4 Storm Update and 2019 Outlook

Simon Yu
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It’s been a wild Q4 for 2018.

Cryptocurrency markets have been down. The US government was shut down. Regardless, the Storm team has been working hard to improve the lives of people around the world.

With a volatile cryptocurrency industry and not knowing when markets will come back up, the company of Storm has focused on keeping costs low and ensuring we are able to continue building for the long run.

We’re in it for the long haul.

iOS Launched

It took longer than we expected. We spent a lot of time working with Apple to execute our cryptocurrency and rewarded survey tasks model. Their team was very cooperative and helped us launch our app on the App Store.

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React Native Launched

We spent the greater half of 2018 rebuilding the backend infrastructure of the Storm Play app which reduces the number of broken links and significantly decreased the application load time (43 seconds versus 300 milli-seconds. Building using the React Native platform allows us to streamline both iOS and Android development in the front end and allows us to build only one application to be used across operating systems (iOS and Android). Being able to build on a single platform greatly reduced development costs significantly.

Referral Program

Referrals are back! You can now refer your friends and family to try Storm Play and earn even more of your favorite cryptocurrency rewards.

New Task Type — Surveys Added

In Q4 we added surveys as another type of task users can earn from. 798,996 survey tasks have been completed since the launch of the new feature in Q4. The survey data will help collect useful information while allowing users to earn in a fun and easy way.

Responses from Tuur Deemeester’s criticism of Ethereum.

Statistics on Storm Play in Q4 2018

Offers On Boarded

We have added 1,541 offers from Brands, Products, or Services in Q4 which is a huge increase from Q3 346 new offers.

Rewards To Date

236.39 BTC, 668.69 ETH, and 555.73 Million+ STORM have been rewarded to users.

Celebrating our iOS launch — $10,000 Campaign

It’s been a long wait but our iOS app has finally launched. To celebrate, we have launched a campaign rewarding $10,000 USD delivered in BTC, STORM, ETH, or BNB to one lucky Storm Player.

Link: https://blog.stormtoken.com/10-000-storm-play-campaign-27464c915b05

Loyalty Program — FREE STORM!

Did you know that by being a Storm Player you’re eligible to receive FREE Storm from our Loyalty Program? We have over 600M Storm tokens allocated for the next 12 months to be rewarded to loyal Storm Play users.

If you haven’t signed up yet please use the link below to sign up to be eligible to receive your loyalty bonus.


New Advisor

The Storm team is excited to add Luke Ahn to our advisory board.

Luke is the current CEO, and Co-Founder of RiderDash. Prior to RiderDash, Luke was the CEO of Fronto the US division of the popular mobile rewards app “CashSlide” in South Korea. Cashslide managed to attain over 15 Million users in a country with a population of 51M (nearly 30% of the entire population of South Korea) and over 200M daily views.

We’re excited to have Luke’s expertise to expand Storm Play’s user base to millions of users across the globe.

A photo of Luke Ahn, newest member of the Storm Advisory Board.

Heading into 2019:

Mass adoption is the main focus of Q4.

The current flow is too complicated

There are many great ideas and token related projects building on top of blockchains. However the biggest issue currently with many of these products is that the user experience is too difficult and lengthy.

For example, to utilize Storm tokens the current flow is to take Storm tokens from exchanges such as Bittrex or Binance, convert it to BTC, then send it to other exchanges like Gemini or Coinbase to withdraw in USD.

The ideal experience for us is for our users to earn Storm token in the background and have the option to withdraw their funds into a local fiat option if they desire without friction and reduced fees. What the Storm token allows us to do is send rewards out to users across the globe at a much lower cost than the traditional options through banks and our goal is to allow easier access and usability of our token.

We have started to identify potential partners who would help us make Storm tokens more accessible and make it as easy as swiping a debit card. If people can earn through our application, be able to load it to their debit card, and spend it right away, that would eliminate the friction and allow regular users who aren’t familiar with crypto to start adopting our application. We would save users who are earning through our platform the ridiculous fees banks and other parties charge to send value across the globe.

Increasing the types of tasks

Surveys are just the beginning and we will continue adding different types of tasks our users can complete to further enhance their earning potential.

With our large user base our goal is to exponentially increase the number of tasks available in the market through the power of user generated tasks.

Our current focus is to improve the current Storm Play app model, before expanding into other product lines so stay tuned for updates on our release date of Storm Gigs.

Closure of Telegram

Heading into 2019 we will be closing our two Telegram channels (Storm Token Global and Storm Token Korea). The daily content has deteriorated significantly due to spam. Maintaining a 24/7 live channel is very time consuming and drains resources that could be better spent developing the product instead.

The last day of Telegram operations will be February 8, 2019 10:00am PST.

For the past year we have spent a considerable effort to increasing the quality and speed of our customer support team. User inquiries for support of the application are now resolved significantly faster than in the past.

Users in Korea

To assist our users in Korea with support, we will be transitioning our Korean channels to Facebook. Please like our page below and ask any questions using the following link.


Thank you for your continuous support in 2018 and we look forward to a wonderful 2019 with you all.

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