Rebranding: Going Purple #goingPurple

Alex Hidalgo
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Hi Storm Community,

You may have seen some branding changes propagating through our channels… that started with the soft launch of the rebrand began last week at Consensus 2018. Arry, our COO, along with Simon (CEO), Maria, Jon, and many of our advisors and partners worked the conference with the focus of bringing awareness and education about Storm.

>> More to come on our trip to Consensus 2018 in a new blog post coming up.

We are pleased to officially announce our updated Storm brand!

It looks something like this:

Storm has been rebranded. You can see more of it on

Insights into Storm’s Rebranding:

For the Designers and for many of the community that have been asking about why the rebranding — Here are a few of the team’s thoughts around the inspiration for the rebranding:

  1. We wanted to lead with more “white-space” and uplifting visual message, that was less dark and dreary. Storm is building a bright future and we wanted our branding to reflect that.
  2. With Operational Excellence being a top focus in 2018 internally at Storm, having a more professional brand was important. We wanted to lead all of our efforts at Storm that felt more polished, contemporary and cohesive. The brand is key in that message. Over the next several blog posts and our product launches, you’ll also start seeing a consolidated “One Storm” come out across the board in the experience.
  3. Regarding the logo, color and font choice, as Storm we wanted to communicate with our branding cleanliness, focus, and also the message of power. Keeping the “bolt” as a key feature of the logo was important — as Bolts have been and will continue to be a key part of the Storm experience. Storm is all about empowering billions of people globally to earn anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Don’t Miss Our Future Updates:

In addition to the new look, you’ll also be seeing more outreach, communication, and new products. This has all been enabled from all of the team building going on behind the scenes, and the entire Storm team is geared up to show off what we’ve been working on. More to come.

So that you don’t miss an update, including news on our iPhone release, Storm Drop Loyalty Program, and new task-earning opportunities, join us by following our channels and subscribe.

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