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Supercharge your StormX account by becoming a Rewards Member

Weronika Adkonis
· 1 min read
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Hey Stormers! ⛈

Have you been searching for ways to make the most out of your StormX account? Although getting crypto while shopping online feels great, earning even more Crypto Cashback on your purchases seems like a much better deal. And let us tell you, it is possible! By becoming a rewards member, you can supercharge your account and get up to 3.5x more cashback. Oh, and some of the tiers reduce your reward waiting time too. Sweet, right?

Well, it gets better. This summer, you can supercharge your account and get some $$ on top of the usual perks! 🎉

So what’s the deal? The offer applies to new users and existing members who have not previously held a membership above purple. To qualify for the membership bonus, users must upgrade their membership between 15/07/21 (00:00:00 UTC) and 23/08/21 (23:59:59 UTC) and retain that membership for 60 days. Users will be credited their bonus at the end of their 60-day period.

How does one become a Rewards Member? 🤔 The process couldn't be more straightforward. Own STMX in the wallet connected to your StormX account (such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet), then navigate to the Rewards section on the app. At the top, you'll see the 'Membership' tab. If the amount of STMX you own meets the amount required to become a member, your membership status should automatically upgrade!

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