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Weronika Adkonis
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Hey Stormers!

The time of yet another exciting announcement is upon us. We’re forever trying to find new utility for your StormX tokens ($STMX), that’s why we’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with So, what does this mean for StormX users? Well, you can now spend your STMX directly via and receive a 2% discount on your purchases!

We pride ourselves on being a token with real utility, that’s why we're always happy to allow StormX users the chance to make further use of our extensive ecosystem. Through partnering with, we further lead the charge on mainstream crypto adoption” - Simon Yu, CEO & Co-Founder, StormX, just like StormX has a strong ethos deeply rooted in driving mainstream adoption of Cryptocurrencies. That’s why we’ve decided to allow our users to spend their $STMX to purchase from stores on’s platform, allowing you to further utilize your juicy Crypto Cashback rewards.

StormX is revolutionizing how we see Crypto Cashback rewards. As the space is accelerating rapidly due to mainstream adoption -- this partnership is an incredible event for both retail and Crypto E-commerce solutions. We are proud to partner with StormX as we both work towards the mainstream adoption and widespread use of Crypto across the world! - Arbel, CEO,

With our shared vision, the partnership has been a no-brainer. and StormX users will be able to spend $STMX at stores such as Amazon and receive a 2% discount, and receive free shipping when using this link.

Furthermore, we look forward to the release of our StormX Debit Card which will increase the ways that you can continue earning, both online and in-person! Oomph! Rewards on the go!

Earn Crypto while you shop!

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