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STORM Expands in Asia with Ink

Alex Hidalgo
· 1 min read

Hello Storm Community,

To further expand our community in Asia, we have partnered with Singapore blockchain company Ink Labs Foundation.

Ink Labs Foundation will provide STORM with technical support on affiliate and cross-chain agreements to help access additional IP resources. In addition, STORM will become an important node in the INK IP incubation system, where the focus will be on co-producing high quality game content for the Storm Market gamified micro-task platform. The strategic partnership with Ink will help both companies execute on the shared vision of creating a decentralized free market utilizing blockchain technology.

Please continue to check our blog and Telegram for future updates from the team. We have more exciting announcements in the pipeline. Don’t forget, there’s a community vote going on right now for the Binance Community Coin of the month: https://www.binance.com/vote.html

Thank you for your support,

Arry, COO of StormX

About Ink Labs Foundation:

The vision of Ink is to provide Sovereign Consortium Blockchains to different use cases, to build a blockchain based infrastructure for the Creative Industry where various applications were possible and correlate to each other in one system. Based on public blockchain (Qtum), an Intellectual Property Assets Exchange is built as a trusted corridor for cash generation and token issuance, making it an integrated ecosystem. At the same time, the cross-chain protocol enables value and information to flow freely between public blockchain and consortium blockchains.

About StormX, Inc.:

StormX, Inc. is the creator of Storm Play (formerly known as BitMaker), and Storm Market, with gamified micro-tasks, where people can earn STORM tokens anywhere, at anytime, from any device. With over 1.2 million downloads, over 300K monthly active users across 187 countries, StormX is expanding based on demand. Current gamified micro-tasks include trying out different products and services, like Hulu, Dollar Shave Club and Final Fantasy. As Storm Market expands, the focus is adding new category of gamified micro-tasks (Storm Gigs) in Machine Learning and QA Testing. The vision expands beyond enabling micro-earning opportunities to creating a gamified path for people globally to advance in life with a whole new way of job advancement. For more information, visit stormtoken.com.

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