Storm Play 6.4.3 for Android and 2.4.3 for iOS Update

Simon Yu
· 1 min read

New features and bug fixes on Storm Play.

Filter Settings

In certain countries we had too many offers and we understand it was hard to navigate. Now you can filter by posted date, bolt value, or whether or not they are promoted.

Transaction Receipts
• Transaction receipts — see more details about payments and transactions

Easier Access to Customer Support
• You can now raise a customer support ticket directly from a withdrawal on the wallet page

Loading Icon
• There is now a loading icon when more offers are loading

Bug Fixes
• Many other tweaks and bug fixes have been included as well

It’s always great when you don’t have to spend money to earn crypto. Earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Storm by completing tasks! Be sure to download the latest version to stay up to date!

Available on iOS and Android.

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