$STORM Token Crowdsale in T-2 Days

Alex Hidalgo
· 1 min read

Let’s keep our STORM community safe — be extra careful!!

Everyone, please be careful of phishing attacks in the world of crypto and tokensales. Let’s do all that we can to keep our STORM community safe, especially in the coming day. We can do this TOGETHER.

Be Cautious, Do Not Fall Victim to Scammers

  1. Use MetaMask in your Chrome internet web browser because it automatically keeps you out of bad phishing websites as they are reported.
  2. Double check web addresses.
  3. Be careful of miss-spellings.
  4. Be careful to AVOID scams.
  5. Verify. Verify. Verify. Verify information, dates and instructions. Double check (and bookmark!!) with the community in our a) TELEGRAM or DISCORD channel, AND b) the official website, AND c) our official FACEBOOK page as a way to TRIPLE CHECK you are in the right place before sending any ETH. Double check. Triple check.
  7. Whenever you are in doubt or have a question, please reach out and ASK. We and the community are here to help each other. Check in with us in the a) TELEGRAM or DISCORD channels.

Be safe everyone!

The STORM is coming.

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