STORM Token Crowdsale is now complete!

Simon Yu
· 2 min read

The STORM Token Crowdsale has successfully ended with over $32 million worth in participation. We are glad to have received positive feedback from the community and are excited to continue to execute on our vision to be an industry leader in the micro-task marketplace.

Thank you to all who so enthusiastically supported and participated in the Crowdsale. With your help, StormX is well on the way to democratizing and revolutionizing the freelance economy.

** ICYMI: We announced Storm Drops, an airdrop for all unsold tokens earlier this week. Click here for more information regarding Storm Drops. **

Crowdsale Statistics

One of our main priorities during the STORM Token Crowdsale was to make it easily accessible and to allow as many people as possible to participate. Over 11,500 people registered to participate in our Crowdsale and nearly 9,500 were approved. Additionally, over 20,000 of our Storm Players have already began earning STORM Tokens, increasing the network of token holders worldwide. Wide distribution of STORM Tokens continues to be one of our top priorities.

We saw participants from all over the world, with individuals across 143 different countries contributing to our Token Sale. In addition, our Storm Player user base has continued to grow, with users being rewarded in STORM Tokens in over 187 countries.

The STORM Community

One of the most exciting parts about this journey is seeing our Storm Community continue to grow. We want to give a special shoutout to some of the most active members in our community that stepped it up: Tinooh, Hashbrowns, Doc-K, Vagnavs, Vanessa, Miguel, GHS-Dan, 5to9, Nathan Kim, GBIC, and Meraki. Your constant support and engagement with our community means the world to us!

We would also like to thank the amazing Wachsman PR Team! The around the clock support from David, Amy, Amanda, Lucinda, and Gilly created awareness for our project all around the world. An additional thank you to all of our collaborators, including QTUM, Kyber Network, Jaxx, ZenCash, and Bancor. We are eager to continue working alongside all of you and to continue to bring mass adoption to the industry.

Also, our StormX team has worked exceptionally hard to bring all of this together. We’re humbled, energized and ready for the next step.

What’s Next?

We have a bunch of exciting new announcements and partnerships that we are very excited to share with everyone! Updates on the development of Storm Gigs, Storm Shop, as well as the upcoming iOS launch are just some of big things we are working on here at STORM.

For regular updates regarding our project, please continue to follow our Blog as well as joining our Telegram.

Stay tuned, and thanks!

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