#StormPlay10K Winner Announced!

Simon Yu
· 1 min read

To celebrate the launch of our app on the iOS platform we held a contest which would award one (1) lucky winner with $10,000 USD worth of their choice of Storm Token, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Binance Coin.

Many entered. The requirements were to have an account in the Storm Play app (either iOS or Android), have an ERC-20 wallet saved in that account, retweet our announcement tweet, tagging 3 friends and @StormPlayApp, using the hashtag #stormplay10k, and finally making their wish for what they would use the $10,000 for.

The Winning Tweet.

Doing the above gave the player one entry into the drawing, however, for every referral made the player received one (1) additional entry. This paid off for @tuga_ray who was able to bring in a referral and increase his chances of being picked in the drawing.

@tuga_ray not only an extra entry into the competition but the person he referred received 6,000 Bolts at registration and when they have earned 24,000 Bolts, @tuga_ray will receive a 24,000 Bolt bonus.

The referral program is a great way to enhance your Storm Play experience and reward potential. We have brought it back to Android and have for the first time launched the referral program on iOS. Coming soon will be an ambassador program further heightening your Storm Play experience. Look for more information on our Ambassador Program in the coming months.

The Storm X Team would like to congratulate @tuga_ray for his win and wish him and his heliculture project great success.

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