StormShop Announcement

Simon Yu
· 1 min read

Hello Storm Community!

I’m excited to announce our next product from StormX, StormShop.

What is StormShop?

StormShop is one of the easiest ways to earn cryptocurrency simply by shopping. Download our Chrome extension, visit one of our major retail partners, and you’ll automatically earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Storm tokens back.

That’s it. Easy to use.

With Storm Play we’ve been spending the last few years building relationships with thousands of major brands and we’re excited to build this product that will allow our users to earn cryptocurrency easily.

We’ve rewarded millions of dollars in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Storm to over 2.4 Million users across 180+ countries with Storm Play since 2014.

Our mission has always been to allow anyone to access crypto without the need to buy it. We’re excited to continue expanding on our vision by creating more ways for users to earn cryptocurrency.

Sign up for our beta list here and stay tuned for our upcoming updates.


Thanks for continuing to support Storm and we look forward to making cryptocurrency accessible to millions of users across the world.

Earn Crypto while you shop!

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