StormX Adds Two Technology Titans to Board of Advisors

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Former Pitney Bowes CEO and Former AOL President join all-star team

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StormX, the blockchain-powered adtech and gamified micro-task innovators, today announced that Michael J. Critelli, CEO and President of Dossia Service Corporation and former CEO of Pitney Bowes, and Amit Shafrir, former President of AOL Premium Services and former Executive President of Badoo, have been added to its Board of Advisors. Critelli and Shafrir bring decades of technology experience and unparalleled industry knowledge to the StormX Board.

StormX CEO Simon Yu said, “We are very proud to announce that Michael J. Critelli and Amit Shafrir have joined the StormX team. Both have solidified themselves as technology industry titans, having developed and grown some of the most well-known and transformative companies in the space, like AOL, Netscape, Pitney Bowes, and ICQ. We are confident that Michael and Amit will offer invaluable insights on creating an industry-leading technology platform focused on user-experience, while also helping us shape our unique StormX brand.”

Michael J. Critelli is the current President and CEO of Dossia Service Corporation, a health analytics platform provider that supports technology-driven population health management. Prior to his tenure at Dossia, Critelli was the CEO of Pitney Bowes, a global technology company best known for its postage meters and other mailing equipment and services. Under Critelli, the company transitioned its entire installed equipment base to digital, networked systems and was ranked as one of America’s most innovative companies.

“StormX is a company with a vision and mission to reconfigure the way work is designed and delivered, and to expand work opportunities and workforce skill development, and economic empowerment all over the world. I am excited to offer my counsel alongside its established team of multi-disciplinary experts,” said Michael J. Critelli.

Amit Shafrir has vast expertise in both consumer Internet and enterprise software. He has spent more than two decades managing some of the Internet’s most powerful and recognizable brands, including online service providers AOL and Netscape, and Badoo, the world’s largest social network for mobile and online dating. Currently, Shafrir is the CEO and Co-Founder of Quiv, a platform that connects users with experts, enabling them to ask questions in return for a charitable donation to the expert’s cause.

Amit Shafrir said, “I’ve spent my career looking for the next exciting technological innovation, and StormX fits the profile of a rapidly-growing, industry-defining business that will have a very large social impact. I feel that StormX has the potential to reshape the way the freelance industry operates and establish itself as a leading blockchain innovator.”

The StormX Board of Advisors includes prominent industry leaders such as Bancor Co-Founder Guy Benartzi, Bittrex CEO Bill Shihara, Jaxx Founder and CEO Anthony Di lorio, founding CTO of Zynga Tom Bollich, CEO Liam Robertson and Strategist Brad Mills, VOIP pioneer and Vonage Founder and CEO Jeff Pulver, Alchemist Ventures and Ethereum Chief Strategist Steven Nerayoff Esq. LL.M., Juloot interactive Founder Hanan Gazit Ph.D., Brian Kelly Capital LLC Founder and CNBC contributor Brian Kelly, and Appuri Founder and CTO Damon Danieli.

Registration is now open for the STORM token crowdsale which starts Tuesday, November 7th via the official STORM website at

About StormX, Inc.:
StormX, Inc. is the creator of Storm Play (formerly known as BitMaker), and Storm Market, with gamified micro-tasks, where people can earn STORM tokens anywhere, at anytime, from any device. With over 1.2 million downloads, over 270k monthly active users across 187 countries, StormX is expanding based on the demand. Current gamified micro-tasks include trying out different products and services, like from Hulu, Dollar Shave Club and Final Fantasy. As Storm Market expands, the focus is adding new category of gamified micro-tasks (Storm Gigs) in Machine Learning and QA Testing. The vision is not only about enabling more micro-earning opportunities, but also creating a gamified path for people globally to advance in life with a whole new way of job advancement.

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