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StormX Staking Walkthrough

Martijn Haspels
· 3 min read
Staking walkthrough

Today is the day you can start staking your StormX (STMX) tokens! We know you guys have been waiting for a while, and we couldn’t be happier to share this with everyone! This article will help you set up your account and stake your STMX tokens!

Step 1: Go to our Website and Click Staking
First, go to our website: stormx.io and click on the button that says “Staking” at the top navbar. you will be navigated to the following page.

Click on “Let’s go!” and you will complete a few basic steps before you can stake.

Step 2: Download the StormX Chrome Extension
Let’s start with downloading the Chrome button. When you click “download” on the right side, you will get navigated to the download page of the StormX Chrome Extension. Click on the button “Add to Chrome” to download the StormX Chrome Extension. This is possible with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and the Brave Browser.

Step 3: Login or Signup
Once you installed the Extension, you can set up your account by clicking the “login or signup” button.
Fill in your e-mail address, and you’ll receive a verification code on your email that you need to paste into the blank space (when a step is completed you will see a checkmark on the left side in the red square).

Step 4: Connect a Member Wallet
You can now add your erc20 wallet, we strongly advise you to use MetaMask.
If you click the “Connect a Member Wallet” button, you will see a pop-out where you have the option to download, connect, and verify the MetaMask wallet. TrustWallet is not officially supported yet (we are working on adding mobile staking immediately). If you must use TrustWallet please follow the FAQ here. You can also import your Ledger to MetaMask to stake as well.

Step 5: Get some STMX
If you already have $STMX on the connected wallet, you don’t need to do anything. If you don’t have any, add $STMX to the connected wallet through one of our listed partners such as Binance, Upbit, Bittrex, or Voyager. Once this step is done, you will be navigated to the staking page, as shown below. Remember you can always earn STMX by shopping in the app too 😊

Step 6: Staking
When you look at the image above, you will see the staking dashboard.
The 3 square boxes on the top show general information about the number of reward members, the total value locked, and the estimated staking yield.

In the larger center box, the left column shows your total earned staking, the 2nd one shows your weekly earning and the 3rd shows the reward date (the date you will get your new weekly earnings), the fourth stat shows the total staked amount of $STMX. In the image below you see that we staked 0 from a total of 1.248.

To stake your $STMX, you need to add the amount of $STMX that you want to stake (in the image above you see 248) and press “Stake” afterward.

Calculate your rewards
If you scroll down on the staking page, you will see “Calculate Rewards”. This tool will help you calculate your staking reward, based on the amount that you stake. It’s very easy to use!

Congratulations, you are now staking $STMX!

You can Unstake at any time by clicking the “Unstake” button in the top navbar. Unstaking will forfeit your bonus for the current week and you’ll be unable to stake again for the current week. Once the next week starts at midnight Sunday GMT +0, you’ll be eligible to start staking again.

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