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Staff summer favourites

Weronika Adkonis
· 2 min read
Summer picks with Crypto Cashback

Hey Stormers! ⛈

With the summer season officially upon us, we thought, what’s a better way to celebrate than with Crypto Cashback? We’ve asked our team to pick their summer favorites so whether you’re searching for a new wardrobe or a little something to make this year’s heat a bit more bearable, we’ve got you covered with the best solutions and some sweet Cashback on top. ☀️ Below you'll find Weronika's take on summer essentials.

Fight the heatwave with freshly blended juices 🍉

Blender from KitchenAid - $249.99

Bring the sun inside your kitchen and treat your tastebuds to something fresh. Summer = smoothies for days with 8% Crypto Cashback!

Non-member reward: $19.99

Silver member reward: $29.99

Pick up a new hobby 🏄

Surfboard from Cynthia Rowley - $1,200

Remember the good old days where summer meant spending your every waking hour outside? Personally, I still very much feel the need to be up and about as soon as the sun creeps from behind the clouds. Two-moth long summer holidays might be long gone, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make the most out of the time we have off. Take your time to be outside this season, and maybe pick up a new hobby while you’re at it. Always fancied yourself as a surfing guru? Turn that dream into reality with 8% Crypto Cashback!

Non-member reward: $96

Silver member reward: $144

It’s pool party season! 🏊‍♀️

Pool ring from Bloomingdale’s - $28

The hot days, the long evenings…the pool parties. Check all three, and you have the perfect summer. Want to make it even more special? One giant bright pool float with 2% Crypto Cashback might sort you right out.

Non-member reward: $0.56

Silver member reward: $0.84

Your one and only holiday pal 📸

Camera from Bloomingdale’s - $159.99

Taking a trip this summer (if COVID permits)? The sunny season is the best for making unforgettable memories. Whether you’re flying solo or with a group, a shoot and print camera is a must-have. Capture your moments with 2% Crypto Cashback.

Non-member reward: $3.19

Silver member reward: $4.79

Sun is good. UV? Not so much ☀️

Sunscreen from Colleen Rothschild Beauty - $48

After being stuck at home for most of the year, soaking in the much-needed vitamin D is going up on my priority list. The summer glow is better than any makeup or beauty routine out there, but going red isn’t the look. Protect your face with a glowing 8% Crypto Cashback.

Non-member reward: $3.84

Silver member reward: $5.76

+ Something special for the UK 🍹

Gin Subscription Box from CraftGin - £40

Whether you’re a UK national or have been living here and observing the ins and outs, you know that no summer comes without a good drink around here. Whether we’re at the beach or sitting at home enjoying the British summer drizzle, a drink in hand is a must. Now imagine all you need for a good time comes right to your door (with 8% Crypto Cashback slapped on top of it, of course).

Non-member reward: £3.20

Silver member reward: £4.80

Make sure to stay tuned for more summer favorite staff picks and use #CashbackSupercharged to show off your crypto rewards!

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