The Apps are back in town

Alex Hidalgo
· 2 min read

It’s been a while, but we have an awesome new update ready for all Storm players! The Android update should be live by now, with iOS to follow in a few days.

This update contains lots of new juicy features, both visible and behind the scenes, including a fancy new app icon!

First off: we are glad to announce that users can now login and signup using Facebook and Google. This will make life way easier for all, and will reduce the number of times you have to use an SMS to log in. You should now need to confirm an SMS very few times. In most cases, you will only need to verify your phone the first time you sign in with a new device.

In our continued quest to give you more ways to earn, we are now going to provide multiple offerwalls to our users. When you press “Discover more offers” on the wallet page, a new screen will appear giving you choices of new offerwalls. We are launching with one at the moment, but expect new ones to be added soon over the next few weeks.

We have also made a significant change to our platform: all users will now be required to have an email associated with their profile in order to access full functionality of the app. This was not a decision we made lightly, but security matters — for our users and our platform both — forced our hand.

If you sign on with Facebook or Google, we will grab the email from the first network you sign up with. Those that sign up with SMS will be asked to do this manually. Email registration is optional, but will significantly improve your experience. Players without an email will still be able to answer surveys and watch videos (on Android), but will not be able to access the more valuable tasks in the system. This comes on top of a slew of security features in the background that make sure only legitimate users of the app are able to earn bolts.

We want to make sure everyone can have a great experience using Storm Play. For players who are in areas with spotty cellphone coverage, we have improved how tasks in the lists are paginated to improve download times and data usage.

There are several bugs that have been fixed, as well as improvements to our UI. I hope that you continue enjoying our app and earn tons of Bolts!

As always, please continue to provide us with your valuable feedback — we listen closely to everything you say.

What’s coming next?

The two improvements we are considering to bring next are:

  1. Convenient notifications: want to know when the video timer is done? How about when Bolts are deposited to your account, or your payments go through? We’ll give you the tools to do that, so that if you wish you can opt in to have these notifications sent your way.
  2. Referrals Version 2: As I have mentioned in previous posts, we want to thank you for bringing more users to our platform. We’ll now give you increasing rewards as you bring more users into our platform, which can be earned over and over. Bring in enough rewards, and you’ll earn the coveted Ambassador status. I’ll have more details on this in my next update!

Well — that’s it for me this time around. Go forth and continue earning Bolts!

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