The StormX Debit Card Pre-Registrations are Live!

Matthew Chuen
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For those of you who have been following our roadmap, you'll be very aware that we are planning to launch a physical debit card. Well, we're very proud to announce that we are now accepting pre-registrations!

With the addition of the StormX Debit Card, we are able to bring a further layer of Crypto Cashback to our users, along with adding further real-world utility to our token STMX. Cardholders will be able to pay for their purchases with StormX tokens, and receive further rewards on top of their base Crypto Cashback rewards!

That's right, you can stake your claim to being one of the first users to receive their StormX Debit Card. But be patient, you can’t run out and start using it just yet. Our rollout plan sees the United States launched first, with virtual cards being made available for use on Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. Shortly thereafter, we will start distributing physical cards. The next phase after this will see the addition of 31 European countries. Once we move out of the pre-registration phase, we will begin allowing users to complete their accounts, and receive their cards on a first-come-first-serve basis. So the earlier you're in, the earlier you'll receive your card!

We’re excited to launch the StormX Debit Card for all of our users bringing further utility to the StormX ecosystem and incredible benefits for our users. Most card providers focus on profits and milking every dime they can from their own users with high margins, our goal with the cards is to bring as much cost savings to our users and bring unbelievable cashback rates others can’t provide.
- Simon Yu, CEO and Co-Founder, StormX

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So why the StormX Debit Card?

Simply put, most crypto products are too difficult to use (ever tried to guide a family member or friend through using an exchange for the first time?). Well, we’re eliminating that factor by allowing cardholders to easily top-up online, or physically top-up in-store at locations such as 7-11, Walgreens, Walmart, plus many more!

When you go shopping, how much do you get back from your bank on average? I’m guessing it’s not as much as you get from our Crypto Cashback 😉,if any at all. Banks take a huge fee at the point of sale, which you’ll most likely never be aware of (but why would you?). Well, our goal with the StormX Debit Card is to take those fees and give as much Crypto Cashback as possible to you, every time you transact. Through our relationships with merchants, we’re able to solidify preferential deals that means you benefit! We want to launch the best rewards card out there and provide industry-best perks for StormX token holders.

Our mission has and always will be about enabling people across the world, regardless of socio-economic background, creed, colour, preference in beer, or favourite meme, the ability to earn crypto online. We’ve still got a lot more in our pipeline; however, you can already earn through microtasks, shopping, staking and very, very soon, through debit card transactions.

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