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Trust Wallet connectivity issues

Weronika Adkonis
· 1 min read
Trust Wallet Connectivity Issues 2

Hey Stormers!

We have received a handful of messages from the community regarding persistent connection issues of Trust Wallet with their StormX accounts. We have looked into this, and unfortunately, Trust Wallet have depreciated some of the functionality needed to integrate this to our app. We have taken the decision to disable the ‘connect with Trust Wallet’ button until a solution can be found.

This decision should not affect users who have already connected their StormX accounts to Trust Wallet, nor will it affect staking or any other aspects of your shopping journeys.

For users that have disconnected Trust Wallet from their StormX accounts, we advise importing their Trust Wallet into MetaMask or any other wallet that supports seed phrase recovery. Alternatively, Wallet Connect is still supported. However, it is a desktop + mobile linking wallet, therefore, requires the user to have a laptop/desktop or a second phone.

Here are some helpful articles on how to import Trust Wallet to MetaMask: How to backup a multi coin wallet & How to restore your MetaMask account from seed phrases

We're currently looking at integrating alternative wallets, starting with Coinbase Wallet for all of those that have requested it. Until then, our dev team is off to work so that we can speedily offer you an alternative solution to the issue.

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