2023 Updates and Roadmap for StormX

Dann Ball
Dann BallJan 27, 2023
2023 Updates and Roadmap for StormX

Hey Stormers!

2022 was a FUD year for the crypto industry yet StormX has been busy building and making significant developments. And we are now ready to share these updates with you.

Here is a glimpse of what's in store for 2023.

Same Team - New Direction

Last year we rebuilt our team all across the company from marketing to development, product, and operations, and you’ll see some positive changes as a result of that this year. We scaled our development team 10x and as of this month we have a new marketing team to enable our growth.

Through exploring many changes which would be best for the company I have decided to step down as the CEO of StormX. I will be transitioning to the Chief Strategy Officer and will remain, chairman, as we spearhead company strategy facilitating the next stage in StormX's growth plans.

I am extremely proud to appoint Vivek Ganesan, our previous EVP of Engineering as the CEO going forward. Vivek has been with StormX for over a year and has experience with scaling several companies at our stage and has proven himself to be a great operational leader.

StormX Card Updates

The StormX Card has been a massive success with positive reviews from our early users and transactions growing nearly 50% each week.

Unfortunately with the implosion of Voyager and several other crypto companies, our banking provider has decided to end the relationship with crypto which means we have to put the card on hold for the time being.

However, we are still making great progress with other providers and plan to get the card active again and expand soon.

On another positive note, the European card launch has been progressing much faster than we had anticipated and we aim to open the StormX card across Europe shortly. If you are in Europe we will open up a waitlist later this month

Launch of StormX Sports

We have been working on a secret project which will be launching in the next few weeks.

StormX Sports is coming soon with a Web3-powered decentralized fan experience. Unlock new levels of engagement and community connection around your favorite teams & creators.

The first experience comes with the March Madness bracket. Early entry to the March Madness waitlist begins February 8th, 2023. So, make sure to join us in time for bracket openings on March 13th. Don't miss out - sign-up for the waitlist!

Splitting up StormX Shop

StormX Shop has been the core product over the past few years. Allowing users to earn cash back on everyday items is extremely useful as we face significant inflation and a recession in the global economy.

However, we did notice as the app was tailored to a crypto audience the traditional user might be overwhelmed with wallets, staking, and some of the crypto elements.

As a result, we will be splitting up the StormX Shop app into two products one which will be fiat-focused on allowing users to earn cash back on their shopping purchases and the current product which fits today’s power users allowing membership bonuses, staking, and the other benefits of blockchain.

This will allow us to reach a broader audience outside of just the crypto-curious and help us expand to millions of users across the globe.

Capital Injection

Finally, we are also proud to share with you our multi-million dollar capital investment from Optimista Capital. This investment will further expand StormX across this year's growth goals.

As always thank you for supporting StormX and we look forward to an awesome 2023 with you all!

-Simon Yu.