$1m USD Rewards Treasury Top-up

Matthew Chuen
· 1 min read
Storm X Buy

Hey Stormers,

We’ve experienced a tremendous amount of growth over the last months, and it’s all thanks to you! To date, we have paid out over $4.3m in rewards, and as we position ourselves for future expansion and continue to provide you with the amazing rewards you love, we have taken the decision to facilitate a market buy, to further top-up our rewards treasury.

We wanted to inform you ahead of time, as you will probably notice a purchase to the sum of $1m USD. This acts purely as a fiat-to-crypto transaction and serves no other purpose than to increase our rewards/staking treasury to make available for future rewards. It is not intended to have any impact on the market value of $STMX. We would like to reiterate that this will not be a buyback-and-burn, and all tokens will be recirculated through the use of the app and our staking functionalities.

For those of you who may hold $STMX through exchanges, or who have yet to upgrade their membership, don’t forget, holding your $STMX in a connected wallet will allow you to earn even more from shopping with our partners, up to 3x the rewards.

Happy Stacking,
The StormX Team

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