3 Must-Haves for Father’s Day!

Martijn Haspels
· 3 min read

It is almost Father’s Day and a lot of people are looking for the right gift to give to their fathers! I am a father of 2 little sprouts myself, a 1 year old and a daughter of 11 years old. I always love to get gifts that are really useful for me, so I figured I would give my kids some guidance to help them find the perfect gift for me using the StormX app. All the items that I chose are less than $30.00!


When my oldest one was home due to the pandemic, my dad, my daughter and I binge-watched all the Star Wars movies! It was really nice to show my daughter the movies my father grew up with, and now she gets to be a part of it too! It was really special for all three of us!

Toynk Toys have a section where you can buy Star Wars gadgets. This would really be something special for me as it would remind me of this special moment. Whenever I wear a suit to a meeting or any other formal event, I like to spice it up by adding something fun. I noticed these AWE-SOME Star Wars socks in the webshop that I would love to wear with my suit!


The price of these beauties are $27.99. With the StormX app, you get 8% crypto back! I myself am a Gold Rewards member which gives me an extra 100% crypto back in addition to the original earnings!
This means a full 16% in return!

$27.99 * 16% = $4.48 in crypto back!


My girlfriend always says that she finds it hard to buy clothes for me, as I am way too picky for her taste. After looking at DressLily, I found a nice Hooded T-shirt. Next to the fact that it is an awesome hoody, this one also comes in handy during these times.

Skull mask short hooded T-shirt

Not only does it look awesome, but it also gives a bit of protection! Again, AWE-SOME! Shopping at Dresslily through StormX gives you 14% crypto back. With Gold Rewards you get an additional 100% crypto back on your purchase, which means you get a total of 28% crypto back!

€18,32 * 28% = €5,13 in crypto back!


With a 1-year-old son, you need to protect your stuff; remote controls, baby phones, iPads, and especially your iPhone as it will not be safe when your one-year-old is close to you. I experienced this first hand(yes, he destroyed my phone twice already). So, a solid case for my iPhone is mandatory!

Through A4C you will find a LOT of nice phone cases that will help extend the life of your precious belongings. My girlfriend compares me with Iron Man. I constantly joke around, I can lock myself up in my basement for hours and treat the woman I love like she is my maid every now and then. Because of this, this Iron Man case would fit me (and my iPhone) like a glove!

Next to the fact that it has Iron Man on the cover, I also love the colours of the case! Again, I am a Gold Rewards member, which doubles the crypto back I get with shopping through StormX.

$17.95 * 12% = $2.15 in crypto back!

Of course, I would be happy with anything I get from my children. I still have a drawing from my daughter that she made when she was 4 years old. I keep it in a prominent place in the house where I can see it every day, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t want one of these awesome gifts?

Happy Father’s Day!

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