$50 Bonus for StormX Gold Rewards

Alex Hidalgo
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We’re giving out $50 to our StormX Gold, Platinum and Diamond Members!

It’s been a busy year for StormX and we’ve received much love 💖 for our new product “StormShop” which was successfully integrated with “StormPlay”. If you haven’t heard, these have now been rebranded into one product: “StormX”.

With the launch of our StormX Rewards, we’re now able to offer the highest crypto back across any platform with users having the option to choose from over 500+ stores and earn as high as 87.5% back!

To celebrate the launch, we’re giving out $50 in STORM Tokens to users who sign up and reach the Gold, Platinum, or Diamond tier by May 31, 2020.

To reach the Gold Level you must hold 310,000 STORM Tokens for seven days, so it is important to be registered by May 24, 2020 PST. Read more about our Rewards Program and each level here.

How do you reach Gold Rewards Level and above quickly?

Great question. 😊 You can complete micro-tasks like surveys and games, or purchase STORM Tokens online via Binance.com, Bittrex.com, Trust Wallet, and others.

Follow our guide to learn how.


1) All StormX Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Reward members will be eligible to receive a $50 Storm bonus if levels are reached before May 31, 2020 9am PST.
2) Must not use VPN, TOR, or violate our terms of service.


1) Eligible users will have their reward sent to the wallet that was used to register for the StormX Rewards Program via our mobile app.

2) The number of tokens sent may vary depending on time of transaction.

Earn Crypto while you shop!

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