Black Friday Shopping Deals

Alex Hidalgo
· 1 min read
Black friday

Its the first Black Friday of StormX Shop 🛍 so we’re going a little crazy with our discounts 😜

Starting November 27th 2020 GMT+0 until Cyber Monday November 30th GMT+0 everyone gets 50% higher Crypto Cash Back!! That means if your favorite store is originally 5% it will now be 7.5%. Current Rewards Members also get to partake so you’ll get the highest bonus of all 👏

All you need to do is open the app, connect a wallet and start shopping. So simple.

Here’s the top stores with the new Crypto Cash Back rates. Let’s get it!

eBay 🛒 Up to 2.4%

AliExpress 🛍 Up to 9%

Walmart 🏬 Up to 4.2%

Macy’s 👠 Up to 4.5%

GameStop 🎮 Up to 7.5%

Lego 🧝‍♂️ Up to 4.5%

Sam’s Club 🌶 Up to 22.5%

MicroSoft 🖥 Up to 10.5%

Advance Auto Parts 🚙 Up to 6% 🏨 Up to 6%

You know what to do.

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