Coinone has listed STORM

Alex Hidalgo
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StormX is continuing to gain momentum across the globe. We are thrilled that Coinone has announced that they’ve listed our STORM Token. Having STORM Tokens available on Coinone and CGEX will help us to continue to increase our network of STORM Token users and further establish our global presence in Korea.

You can read more about the Coinone listing announcement of STORM here.

Beyond Coinone, here are some other valuable links to exchanges and resources of where to engage with our STORM Token:

About Coineone:

Founded by one of Korea’s most celebrated and global awards-winning white hat hacker Kevin Cha, Coinone is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in Korea. Under the vision to ‘Bring Blockchain into the World’, Coinone aspires to lead the new world of finance through blockchain technology. Read more about Coinone on Forbes.

About CGEX:

CGEX is a global crypto-crypto exchange visioning ‘Innovation beyond Finance’. We offer a highly secure and convenient platform to provide institution-grade services.
CGEX implements security protocols equivalent to the traditional financial sector, succeeding Coinone’s unprecedented, proven clean record against hacking. Functioning as a hub of liquidity for all exchanges within our ecosystem, CGEX provides stable liquidity to investors by integrating with Coinone Korea, Indonesia and others.
CGEX’s state-of-the-art matching engine designed by IFunFactory, one of Coinone’s subsidiaries, will provide an enhanced trading environment in terms of both speed and stability, outperforming any global exchange engine in the world.

About StormX:

StormX is the creator of StormPlay™, a mobile app that uses blockchain technology to match people with tasks, letting them complete small gigs in five minutes or less, from any mobile device, anywhere in the world, and be rewarded in cryptocurrency. Storm’s Token Crowdsale successfully ended with over $32 million in participation, enabling the Cayman Islands based company to greatly expanded its product and development team in Seattle, the Philippines, South Korea, Netherlands, Croatia, and Brazil. Learn more at

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