Coinrail has listed STORM Token

Alex Hidalgo
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Hello Storm Community,

We have an exciting announcement. Coinrail, a newly launched Korean digital asset exchange has listed STORM Token on its platform. STORM will join an exclusive list, becoming just the 24th crypto-asset to be added onto the exchange. STORM is joining its crowdsale collaborators QTUM and Kyber Network on the Coinrail platform. Coinrail is the first Korean exchange that STORM Tokens has been listed on.

Link to STORM Token announcement on Coinrail here:

About Coinrail:

Coinrail is a cryptocurrency exchange that has the largest variety of coins in South Korea that launched on October 11, 2017, which has already announced deals with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Stratis, OmiseGo, EOS, Bitcoin Cash, Walton Coin, TenX, Jet Cash, QTUM, Stellar Lumens, and KyberNetwork, NEO, Komodo, NEM, IOTA. With numerous events and as a commission-free exchange, it has enormous growth potential. It is the most noteworthy exchange in South Korea with its user-friendly User Interface and features.

About StormX, Inc.:

StormX, Inc. is the creator of Storm Play (formerly known as BitMaker), and Storm Market, with gamified micro-tasks, where people can earn STORM tokens anywhere, at anytime, from any device. With over 1.2 million downloads, over 300K monthly active users across 187 countries, StormX is expanding based on demand. Current gamified micro-tasks include trying out different products and services, like Hulu, Dollar Shave Club and Final Fantasy. As Storm Market expands, the focus is adding new category of gamified micro-tasks (Storm Gigs) in Machine Learning and QA Testing. The vision expands beyond enabling micro-earning opportunities to creating a gamified path for people globally to advance in life with a whole new way of job advancement. For more information, visit

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