Did somebody say Apple?

Alex Hidalgo
· 2 min read

I promised an update on iOS soon… And here it is: The Storm Play iOS app is officially live on the app store! And you can download it here!

We’re thrilled to grow our Storm Play community and delivering on our promise to help people earn anywhere, anytime, on any device. You will find the same variety of surveys, and other tasks, than on the Android version. Your thoughts and answers will help us build better products, all while earning Bolts.

There are small differences between the two platforms. You may be wondering why. As I mentioned in another post, each platform has different policies that affect how we approach our business model. We are grateful to Apple for all the work they did with us to help us get this out of the door in a way that is both good for our users and within their guidelines. We’ll continue to collaborate with them as we improve the app and add even more features.

This app is a testament to our team’s skill and flexibility, with developers responding to feedback in an expedient manner, and our sales team finding the best tasks for everyone, on both platforms. Huge thanks to all involved!

We are also most grateful to our iOS beta tester group. You provided incredibly helpful data. Important Note: The Bolt balance accumulated during the beta test period have not yet been fully transferred. We are in the process of doing so and aim to have all migrations finished within a few days. Rest assured your Bolts are not lost.

Now go, download that app, invite your friends with the Referral program (available on both platforms) and start earning!

As always, never hesitate to provide your feedback so we can continue to improve our service.

Oh, and…

We had a lot of fun with our “Guess the BTC” contests in December and we learned a lot from your responses. So much so, in fact, that we are going to make them a more regular fixture in our app. We got great feedback from the experience and are confident that this next iteration will be even better. The first one is live right now!

Expect to see them in the app regularly in the coming days. Go use your forecasting skills and earn a lot of Bolts in the process!

Alright, go earn!

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