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How to protect yourself from umpersonators on Telegram

Martijn Haspels
· 3 min read
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Hello Stormers!⛈

As most of you will know, the crypto space is littered with all sorts of different scams. Due to this, we wanted to draw attention to some simple ways to stay safe, and help ensure that you can always confirm StormX staff members.

StormX is no stranger to impersonators praying on the members of our social channels, with the sole intention of scamming them. So far, most of those scammers were easily detectable, however, it recently came to our attention that they are increasing in volume and are being even more proactive. As most organised scammers do, they have made Telegram groups, Facebook pages, websites, and even employee profiles that at first glance, may seem identical to ours. It is worth noting, that no one from StormX will ever direct message (DM) you first regarding support, and we will most certainly not ask you for any wallet recovery phrases.

A few months back, we made the decision to start migrating our Telegram community over to Discord. Not only is our Discord server verified, giving the community peace of mind, but it’s also much easier to distinguish staff, community moderators and admins, and verify their identities. We understand that some of you prefer Telegram, and that it’s been a long-standing community hub. However, we hope you understand that this decision has been made with the security of you - our community in mind.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to provide our current and future users with some guidance on how to spot a scammer (especially on Telegram)


  • Message you first.

  • Run any promotions involving a transfer of an X amount of STMX or any other digital asset with a promise of increasing it.

  • Use improper grammar or spelling. If the message is sounding dodgy - it’s not us!

  • Ask you for secret/recovery phrase or wallet password


  • Correct usernames and names of our admins:
    • Martijn (aka Tinooh): @Tinooh

    • Alex: @thealexhidalgo

    • Matthew: @Mattehc

    • Sean: @Sean24T

  • If the messages look grammatically correct and the spellings are also correct.

Some additional tips to consider:

  • In telegram, you can change your privacy settings. Go to Settings > Privacy and Security.
    • Groups & Channels: Change this to “My Contacts”. This will prevent random people from adding you to specific groups without you knowing.

    • New Chats from unknown users: Change this to “Archive and Mute”. This will prevent random people DMing you. You will still see the DMs but they will be placed in your Archive.

    • Enable two-step verification: Be sure to have two-step verification enabled.

  • In Discord, there are several ways to make sure you are talking to the right person:
    • Be sure to check the numbers after the # when checking a Discord username. Please note: the numbers behind the name can be copied, This is never a confirmation when it comes to verification checks. A lot of people are not aware of this, so please confirm both the username and #number.

    • In Discord we divided separate roles, one of the roles is “STAFF”, if you click on a staff member, you have the option to send them a DM. Not sure if the correct person is talking to you? Use this way to DM us and be sure that you are speaking with the right user.

    • If you look at the image below, you see a couple of icons next to the Avatar of our CMO, Matt. You can also see his roles, roles are given by the team members, this also shows that this is the “real Matt”.

As always, stay safe! And remember to join our Discord.

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