Join our Storm Loyalty Program by heading to

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Users MUST sign up for the Storm Loyalty Program to be eligible to receive the Storm Loyalty Bonus.

As a member of the Storm Loyalty Program, you will be eligible for in-app rewards, special news and updates, and exclusive content.

Users MUST sign up for the Storm Loyalty Program to be eligible to receive the Storm Loyalty Bonus.

Join our Storm Loyalty Program by heading to and signing up with your name and email address.

Initially, there will be two (2) tiers of members in our Storm Loyalty Program: our Supporters Tier and our Storm Loyalty Bonus Tier. Our entire community can sign up and join our Supporters Tier. Members who enroll in the Storm Loyalty Program and also meet the previously announced Storm Loyalty Bonus qualifications will be enrolled in the Storm Loyalty Bonus Tier and be eligible to participate in the first Storm Loyalty Bonus.

As a reminder, here are the previously announced Storm Loyalty Bonus qualifications:

Storm Players who signed up with a Storm Wallet (an ERC-20 compatible wallet) address by December 7th, 2017, downloaded the Storm Play app, and set up a Storm wallet address (an ERC-20 compatible wallet address) in the app.


Storm Tokensale participants who have continued to store Storm Tokens in the same original ERC-20 compatible wallet address where they initially received the Storm Tokens.


Storm Tokens must have been kept in their genesis Storm Token wallet, meaning the same wallet address that was used to collect the Storm Tokens, either from Storm Play or from the Storm Tokensale. If the Storm Tokens have been transferred out of the original registered wallet address, you will no longer be eligible for the Storm Loyalty Bonus.

Important: The Storm wallet (an ERC-20 compatible wallet) registered in the Storm Play app must be an ERC-20 compatible wallet that is NOT an exchange wallet (This means that NO wallets from Bittrex, Binance, Coinbase, etc. will be eligible and thus not able to receive tokens in the Storm Loyalty Program)

The first Storm Loyalty Bonus is only available to Storm Tokensale participants and Storm Players that signed up for Storm Play by December 7 +AND you must have kept all your genesis tokens in your original Storm wallet (see the requirements listed above).

Note that with for subsequent Storm Loyalty Bonuses, we currently plan to allow members of Supporters Tier and new Storm Players to be eligible as we expand our products and give people the opportunity to advance by earning anywhere, anytime, from any device!

The Storm Loyalty Program is embracing all of our Storm Players and participants to continually grow and support our community. This will encourage more people, including our iOS users (many who have been strong supporters since day 1), to participate.

We have and will continue to show our appreciation to our most loyal supporters who have been with us since day 1 by giving more weight to older tokens in our Storm Loyalty Bonus calculations.

Storm Loyalty Program Enrollment Steps

  1. Head over to
  2. Check if you are eligible for the Storm Loyalty Bonus Tier by entering your Storm wallet address.
  3. Register for the Storm Loyalty Program by entering your name, email address, and citizenship (we need it for the next step.)

AND 3b: If you have qualified for the Storm Loyalty Bonus, you will receive an email with instructions to fill out a W9 or W8BEN (depending on your citizenship). **This is mandatory to receive any bonus Storm Tokens. Because we are paying you for tasks, and rewarding your loyalty with Storm Tokens, we are required to collect from qualified participants either a W9 (for U.S. citizens) or a W8BEN (for non-U.S. citizens). We’ll be sending you to a trusted, secure partner for the form capture.**

You will receive a confirmation that we’ve gotten your W9/W8BEN, and your enrollment is complete!

Thank you again for being a part of the Storm Community and movement. We look forward to seeing you in the Storm Loyalty Program!

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