Maximize your Crypto Cashback (in 3 easy steps)

Weronika Adkonis
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Good day Stormers! ⛈

We all love seeing crypto flood our StormX accounts after every shopping trip, don’t we? But many of you probably often catch yourselves thinking, “Oh man, I wish I could get even more!”. We get it, our app is addictive 😉, and we don’t blame you for wanting more. The good news is, there are many ways to get the most out of your Crypto Cashback experience!

1. Use StormX on every online shopping spree. 💸

With over 800 stores onboarded and some big brands such as Nike, eBay, ASOS, and Samsung being available, our users can receive Crypto Cashback on purchases they most likely already would be making, making StormX a part of everyday life.

2. Get up to 350% more as a Rewards Member.

Our rewards program has been designed with those dreaming of more in mind. With six tiers, it’s always up to you how much more Cashback you want to receive. Best part? Joining isn’t hard at all.

All you need is a StormX account and a wallet at Metamask or TrustWallet; connect the two and instantly upgrade your account to Purple. BUT the real magic happens when you hold STMX in the connected wallet and consequently Supercharge your StormX account by levelling up.

Here is a quick breakdown of different tiers and what each of them gets you:

Pretty straightforward, right? Now, it’s your time to decide how much more Crypto Cashback your heart desires and follow that calling! 😇

3. Register for the StormX debit card. 💳

Although not fully released yet, the day you will be able to get your hands on the debit card is upon us. The new shiny addition to your wallet will allow you to get Crypto Cashback on almost every purchase you make during the day. From the morning coffee, through to the quick bite at lunch, to the grocery shop, that’s some pretty crypto coming back to you!

Each debit card will have its unique address to which you’ll be able to deposit your STMX, and anytime you use the card, STMX will be sold for the local fiat seamlessly.

Not a fan of physical wallets? Bringing your keys is already hard to remember. No worries, the card easily integrates with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay.

Now onto the sweetest part of this magical deal - the double Cashback… Yeah, you read this right; there are no typos in this text. Still a fan of the good old StormX app? Get your online hauls through the app or the Chrome extension, checkout with your StormX card, and receive double! Let’s say you need some new running gear; you head to Nike, which at the moment offers up to 4% Cashback. The total of your cart is $120; that’s $4.80 worth of crypto coming back to you. Now, let’s say you get 2% Cashback on every purchase made with the card. Cha-ching, you just saved $7.20 in crypto altogether! Oh, and you’re a Rewards Member? Bingo, you’re one savvy shopper with some sweet crypto flying back to you!💰

As you can see, wanting more isn’t a dream anymore, you can make it your reality. Whichever way you choose, don’t forget to share your purchases with us on Twitter using #CashbackSupercharged!

Earn Crypto while you shop!

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