STORM Token Crowdsale Status 12.9

Alex Hidalgo
· 2 min read

Daily report: what’s going on with the STORM Token Crowdsale close out.

Dear STORM community:

This is a long message to everyone to let you know that we’ll be doing daily reports to let you know what is going on now that the Crowdsale is closed. It’s not over, until it’s over. Simon will be in Korea for a couple days now to make an announcement with a new partner. The exhausted team is still going strong, and we get to sleep a few more hours a day now. :)

Couple things to remember: 1) we will be working on Crowdsale close out activities until December 15, 2017 as quickly as we can, and 2) don’t forget about the Storm Drop, the airdrop for unsold tokens (Storm Drop Eligibility requirements here).

STORM Token Distribution Status:

  • ETH Participants: your tokens were minted immediately, so you should have STORM Tokens. STORM is a 5 letter “ticker”. Only in, will STORM show up as 3 letters, STO. Tokens were transferrable as of 6pm PST, December 7th. [but remember, any transfers OUT of your registered ETH wallet will disqualify you for the Storm Drop. Storm Drop Eligibility requirements here.]
  • QTUM Participants: You don’t have tokens yet. We will send you tokens before December 15, 2017. Because the QTUM wallet is on a different blockchain than Ethereum, our team has spent most of this week working on confirming and testing, before we officially start sending.
  • Private Presale Participants: Thank you for your patience. We’ve reached out to you to confirm wallet addresses as a lot of time has passed since you participated to confirm, before sending out STORM Tokens. If you received an email from Arry, please make sure you respond to me as soon as possible so that we can process these very soon.
  • Bounty Participants: You also don’t have tokens yet. Because your reward is based on stakes of total STORM Tokens sold, we have to wait to get that final number. See above for the status on QTUM and Presales. We ask all bounty participants to please DOUBLECHECK your information in the bounty spreadsheet. That will help us, help you.
  • Storm Play-ers: Your STORM tokens are coming! Make sure your wallet addresses are accurate. Keep completing those micro-tasks in Storm Play. Remember, we’re giving you an additional 25% bonus on the STORM Tokens because you’ve been so patiently waiting for the STORM Crowdsale to complete. You can withdraw your Bolts at anytime. Up until December 12th, you are eligible for a 25% bonus on all STORM Tokens withdrawals!
  • Founders/Employees/Advisors/Consultants: Once all other groups have been taken care of, we will take care of you. Founders and employees have a 1 year blackout period. Advisors have a 90 day blackout period. Consultants will generally need to make sure contracts are up to date, work has been completed thoroughly, and approvals have been received to receive STORM Tokens.

Find us in the official STORM Token TELEGRAM (FYI: this will likely become our one and only channel soon), to ask questions, have conversations, or give feedback. We’re here to help.


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