STORM Token Sale Update: Selling Less Tokens

Alex Hidalgo
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Summary: StormX team has heard the feedback and advice from our Strategic Advisory Board who recently recommended that we sell less of the overall token supply at this time.

Dear Storm Makers and Storm Players:

Thank you so much for being with us from summer into the fall on this STORM Token crowdsale journey. I am personally so thankful for all of your support and thoughtful feedback along the way. I want us to continue this open dialogue together to make StormX’s journey over the years to come the best it can possibly be.

StormX’s development to date has been largely built on open dialogue and continuous feedback from our dedicated community and highly-skilled experienced advisors. I want to personally show you, with the full support of the entire StormX team, the StormX team is committed to open communication, transparency, and prudence. Our team is strives to meet these principles every day.

This STORM Token sale is about delivering immediate token utility to the community, and creating a path where people globally can earn anywhere, anytime, from any device. The StormX team has heard feedback and advice from our Strategic Advisory Board (see the official website to see the list of who’s on it!), who recently recommended that we sell less of the overall token supply at this time. We have been looking into prudent measures to balance out the situation for everyone, while also aggressively doing all that we can to continue building great relationships with advisors, employees, partners, and most importantly, you our community.

Summary of important details for the upcoming STORM Token Crowdsale on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at 6AM PST:

Crowdsale Updates:

  • Total number of tokens being sold on November 7th, 2017 is now 1,875,233,829.00 STORM Tokens, which is 64,322 ETH worth of STORM.
  • Total number of tokens in circulation from the Crowdsale on Nov. 7 is 3,375,749,921.00 STORM Tokens.
  • Unsold Token supply of 2,325,649,071 STORM Tokens (these will not be sold in the Crowdsale) will be added to the Company pool and will be voluntarily locked up for a period of 2 years.
  • 1 ETH still is 26,950 STORM Tokens (or 0.00003711 ETH is 1 STORM Token).
  • Because we are selling less tokens, this will effectively also lower the overall Crowdsale ETH that the Company will receive (FYI). Assuming all tokens made available for purchase are sold (in both the private pre-sale and the Crowdsale), the Company’s income is expected to be approximately 120,000 ETH.

The Community Appreciation Sale Period is still the same:

  • The first sequential 945,000,000 STORM Tokens sold will be available to the community on a first come first serve basis.
  • The 100 ETH Cap per individual buyer also remains the same.
  • The 15% bonus on these tokens is still the same.
  • There is still no minimum to participate in both the Community Appreciation Sale Period and the overall Crowdsale.
  • Those that have been registered and verified for the Community Appreciation Sale also get to participate first in the open public Crowdsale.

Additional Crowdsale Logistics:

  • *** Registration for the Crowdsale will CLOSE on November 5th at 6am. *** You must register and be verified BEFORE this date to participate.
  • The official Crowdsale contract address will be revealed 24 hours in advance at 6am PST November 6th to give you time to prepare for the Crowdsale.
  • The Crowdsale will follow immediately after the Community Appreciation period.
  • If the Community Appreciation period is done in 15 minutes, then the public Crowdsale begins at 6:15AM PST.
  • If the Community Appreciation period is done in 5 hours, then the public Crowdsale begins at 11:00AM PST.
  • Be ready. We will have a graphic on the official website letting you know when.

If you have any questions or thoughts on this update, please feel free to let me know directly anytime, or reach out to any of our team members, including Arry, our COO. You can find us in the official STORM Token Telegram channel (

Lastly, I want each of our STORM community members to be safe. Please be careful and bookmark the official stormtoken website ( There are a lot of phishing attacks happening in the space at the moment with fake websites and links. Be sure to triple check any links, watch out for typos, and look especially for extra letters like “s”, or “x”, or “n” in links. Also make sure you update your settings in Telegram so strangers can’t add you to a fake Telegram channel. The StormX team will gladly help to make sure your settings are maximized to keep you safe. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me, Arry or the StormX team in the Telegram channel.

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