StormShop Release v1.2.0

Alex Hidalgo
· 1 min read

We’ve just released our best version of StormShop yet!

There are tons of new features and bug fixes so what do you need to do to update your app?

Nothing! 😄 Chromium-based browser extensions are super smart and update on their own.

What’s new?

  • ➕Referrals — You are now able to refer your friends and earn $5 worth of Bolts when your friend earns just $1 from their purchases. Our FAQ explains more.
  • 📖Language Support — We added language support for Korean and Portuguese courtesy of our very international StormX team. Thanks, Felipe and Brad!
  • 🤖Store UX — We fixed a number of UX issues on the Stores Tab so it is now easier to click around and scroll through all those categories.
  • 💰Offers — There are tons of new offers like The Body Shop, Bloomingdale’s and many more!

You can find the new Referral View in the Profile tab, or if you’re creating a new account, it’ll display automatically.

Thank you for supporting StormShop. We look forward to building great experiences for the crypto community.

Earn Crypto while you shop!

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