StormShop US Launch (Lets Party)

Alex Hidalgo
· 2 min read

StormShop is officially LAUNCHED and we couldn’t be more proud and humbled. Over the last year and a half, we experienced the longest bear market 📉 to-date. It wiped out many crypto companies and even more left to work on other things. Thanks to all our loyal users and dedicated StormX team we not only survived Crypto Winter, but we moved to the next phase of our road map.

In just a few short months we’ve written tens of thousands of lines of code, dealt with major technical challenges, and eaten more 🍕than Papa John himself to deliver the next product — StormShop.

So THANK YOU to all our loyal users, partners and team from around the world. Here are a few stats to show what we’ve accomplished together thus far.

  1. 2.5m StormPlay users, 180+ countries
  2. 2,000 products/services on StormPlay
  3. 245 BTC, 843 ETH, 843.7M STORM paid out.
Thousands of Products and Services on StormPlay

So, Why is StormShop important?

  1. Rewards are MASSIVE 💵. Previously, our rewards were small but with the crypto back model in StormShop we’re able to offer more for doing your everyday shopping.
  2. We’re expanding to the web browser, our dream of earn anywhere, anytime, and from any device is coming into fruition.
  3. Owning Storm Tokens will have additional benefits in the StormShop ecosystem. We can’t say too much right now 🤫but will unveil early next year.
  4. On-boarded top brands like Macy’s, GameStop, Groupon, Microsoft, and tons more.

Download the latest app here.

So, What is StormShop?

StormShop is a powerful browser extension that gives you free crypto back for shopping online at any of our partner websites. We created StormShop so users can do less bargain hunting and shop smarter, not harder. We’ve partnered with hundreds of popular brands that offer crypto back rewards and integrated multiple currencies such as Storm, Bitcoin, and Ethereum to give users the best possible online shopping experience. Currently, we’re launching in the US only, but we’ll quickly go international by early 2020.

Using the app is really simple.

  1. Browse through our stores and discover how many crypto rewards you can earn.
  2. Start an offer and navigate to the store.
  3. Checkout normally and review the offer details to see what purchases qualify for rewards.
  4. Stores reward you when the item’s return period has passed. After that, you can withdraw into your favorite currencies.

Download the latest app here and start earning free crypto while you shop.

We’re all over social 😀, feel free to reach out anytime.

Earn Crypto while you shop!

StormX (iOS) StormX (Android) StormX (Chrome Extension)
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