StormX Partners with Litecoin

Simon Yu
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StormX is excited to announce we have partnered with the Litecoin Foundation on StormPlay and StormShop.

This partnership with Litecoin allows millions of Litecoin’s followers exposure to Storm’s products.

Getting the chance to work with Charlie and the Litecoin Foundation to reward our users with Litecoin is another step towards mass adoption. Consumers spend so much time and money online, sharing their data freely, that ensuring they don’t leave any money on the table with their online interactions is a core tenet of what we’re building here at StormX. We are now able to reward users with a growing number of the most secure and popularly adopted cryptocurrencies in the world for their online interactions.

StormX and Litecoin will continue their joint efforts to deliver rapid, secure payments to customers, enhancing the online shopping experience for consumers and online merchants.

Litecoin Foundation Project Director David Schwartz, said: “StormX is a great way for Litecoin and crypto lovers in general to earn their favorite cryptocurrencies. The Litecoin Foundation is pleased to see Litecoin used in this way, and we anticipate the community will embrace this opportunity to actually earn some through purchases and interaction on StormX’s StormShop.”

Earn up to 40% cash back in Litecoin by shopping at 300+ stores.

Since the launch of Stormshop, our team has added many great brands to shop from including Macy’s, GameStop, Groupon, and Microsoft.
Recent additions include NewEgg and eBay and our team is working quickly on adding brands requested by users. Be sure to request which stores you would like to see on StormShop!

International Expansion Coming Early 2020

We will be launching internationally early next year. If you would like to see StormShop in your country. Please send us a note!

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About StormX

StormX, Inc. is the creator of StormPlay (formerly known as BitMaker), and StormShop, where people can earn STORM tokens anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Over 2.5 million users across 180+ countries have earned millions of dollars in cryptocurrency. StormX’s vision is to provide earning opportunities to the billions of people across the globe using blockchain technology.

About Litecoin Foundation

The Litecoin Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to advance Litecoin for the good of society by developing and promoting state-of-the-art blockchain technologies. Registered in Singapore, the Foundation is comprised of full time and volunteer support from around the globe. For more information, visit

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