StormX Rewards Members Can Now Purchase StormX Tokens Inside Our Mobile App

Alex Hidalgo
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Earning rewards with StormX just got easier. For all of our Rewards Members who have been looking for a seamless way to purchase STMX, we have a solution for you. StormX has integrated with MoonPay so that you can now purchase STMX inside of our mobile app!

For those of you who aren’t familiar, MoonPay creates tools that make it easy to convert fiat to cryptocurrency. Similar to our own goal, MoonPay’s mission is to make crypto accessible to everyone. STMX on MoonPay is available in over 160 countries and will be coming to the US very soon. Also, due to Apple’s latest requirement to include Apple Login for all apps we need a little more time to release iOS, but it’ll be happening ASAP.

How To Buy STMX On Android

To begin, open the StormX Android app and click on the Rewards tab at the bottom of your screen. If you are not signed up for our rewards program, you can see how to do so here. Simply click on “Buy Tokens”, verify that all of your information is correct, and select how much you want to spend.

Keep in mind that depending on where you are located, you may or may not have to perform a KYC verification which can take a few minutes.

Finally, select your payment method and confirm. Some banks may have their own restrictions on the use of their cards, but MoonPay accepts most major credit cards like MasterCard and Visa along with some virtual, prepaid and debit cards. Transaction times can range from a few minutes to a few hours.

Once the transaction has begun you are free to leave the app and an email notification will alert you when your purchase is completed.


In true celebratory fashion, we wanted to give a small gift to the first few users who buy STMX through the StormX Android app. We have decided to waive the first $500 worth of transaction fees to the first few purchasers! Any Rewards Member is eligible for the waiver so the sooner you get started, the better your chances are! If you are eligible, the purchase view will have no fees listed. If there is a fee listed, that means we’ve gone through our $500.


We are so excited to share this feature with all of our users and we want to thank MoonPay for their amazing services. We are continuously striving to make STMX the best alt coin on the market and this is just another step in the right direction. We have big plans for StormX and hope you continue to grow along with us.

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