The StormX Community Update

Simon Yu
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Hey Stormers,

We hope you’re staying safe out there and doing your shopping from home.

The last couple of months were big for StormX. We started our Token swap (from STORM to STMX), we updated our roadmap, and are adding tons of new shops every day to bring you (our users) the best experience possible. Read more about the swap here

Token Swap

We started our token swap process on June 8th. STORM token holders have about one month left to swap their tokens (October 8th)! So, if you haven’t swapped yet, hurry up!

Click here to get started swapping your tokens.

Currently, more than 9.4 billion tokens have been swapped (out of a total of 10 billion), so almost 95% of the total supply. This means that we still need about 5% of the total supply to be swapped. For the exact amount, check out our smart contract.

If you didn’t swap your tokens yet, check out our user guide on how to swap your STORM tokens to STMX here!

Updated Roadmap StormX

In early August we updated our roadmap.

In short:

Adding more big stores to our Shop section (most recently eBay and Alibaba).

We are going to revamp the in-app reward system so you can get massive rewards for inviting friends to the app.

Staking! We are excited to release staking as you will have a way to earn more by utilizing the STMX token.

Joining in on Yield Farming.

Building a fully featured web app for shopping that will allow for additional features, a richer user experience, and lets users who don’t use Chrome to earn as well.

Eat, Sleep, StormX, Repeat! (Korea).
A big part of our core team moved to Korea for 3 months. We’ll be living working and grinding together until the end of the year to make sure we hit all the deliverables on our roadmap.

Exchanges and Wallets.

Many of the major exchanges that listed STORM completed the swap on behalf of their users to save all of us a lot of time.








Recently, we added STMX to Uniswap,with $90k in liquidity so our users can also buy STMX the DeFi way, check it out here:

We’ve added STMX to more wallets including Enjin, Argent and BRD.




Exodus Wallet

BRD Wallet

Argent Wallet

Enjin Wallet


Also, Coingecko and CoinMarketCap token information is updated!

We’re working closely with these wallets and exchanges, if there are others you’d like us to include just reply to this email.

Bittrex CEO, Bill Shihara, joins StormX board

Bill Shihara, the CEO of Bittrex, joined our Board of Directors. We are very glad to welcome him as an active part of StormX. Bill Shihara is one of the first angel investors in StormX (founded in 2015 as Bitmaker). His experience, strategic advice and connections will be a great help fuel growth for StormX in the upcoming years!

Because of this great news, we got featured on several news sites and in several YouTube video’s:



Altcoin Buzz

Added shops

We added a LOT of offers in the last months, in June, July and August only we added over 160 different offers on the Shop section. Here a list with the top offers we added the last few months;
Nike, Zalora, ACER, eBay, Alibaba, Shopee, Tumi, Sephora, Razer, Topshop, HP, Watsons, Lenovo, BlockFi, Adidas,, Expedia, Marriott International, Lazada, Michael Kors, Illy Café, Logitech, Norton and Staples.

Be sure that we will keep adding offers to the app in the same speed as last months!

Gold Reward member $50 giveaway

We held 2 big giveaways for our Gold, Platinum and Diamond Reward members. Members that had a Gold, or higher, Reward status on the 25th of June or on August 7th were given $50!

StormX Official Telegram

In the past months we had a lot of messages from community members asking if it would be possible to open a new Telegram channel. Based on this we decided to make a new Official Telegram for StormX where we can discuss about StormX and where we can talk directly to our community!

We are excited to open the Official StormX Telegram and within less than a week we already have over 1000 members who discuss StormX on a daily base.
Be sure to join us on Telegram and get into the conversation:

Team Expansion

We hired a Community Manager to cover the European time-zones on our Social channels and help with the token swap process of for our users.

Some of you will still know Martijn as he was one of our Community managers on Telegram in 2017/2018. We are happy to have him back again and strengthen the team!

Earn Crypto while you shop!

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